Roskino (Domiciled in Moscow)


ROSKINO, formerly SOVEXPORTFILM, is the Russian establishment responsible for consulting with the Russian Government regarding the international image of the Russian film industry and is the only company promoting the country’s motion-picture art internationally.

Founded as a film production and distribution company in 1924 under the name SOVKINO, the company reformed as SOVEXPORTFILM, an import and export film company in 1945. From 2012, the company has been rebranded as ROSKINO, a state funded body responsible for promoting Russian films and filmmakers internationally.

In 2012 ROSKINO launched a Russian Film Commission based in LA to promote Russia as a prime filming location and consummate partner for co-productions while building essential relationships with American Distributors.


ROSKINO is dedicated to promoting Russia’s motion-picture art all around the world and is the only Russian company to do so. Projects undertaken by the company have always reflected the diversity and abilities of Russia’s filmmaking contributing to world cultural heritage.

ROSKINO’s key remit is assisting Russian filmmakers and producers with their commercial releases abroad.

ROSKINO also promotes Russian films and filmmakers within the international film industry, operating at international Film Festivals, Markets and Awards, encouraging international co productions as well as international filmmakers to participate in local Film Festivals and Events taking place in Russia.

ROSKINO is also invested in up and coming Russian film talent, supporting them though exchange programs between leading universities in Russia and abroad.


Roskino is state funded


Denis Molchanov, (Chairman, Director of the Culture Department of the Government of the Russian Federation)

Members of Board

Konstantin Ernst (General Director of Channel One Russia)
Dmitriy Pristanskov (Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for State Property Management of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation)
Catherine Mtsitouridze (CEO)
Ivan Demidov (Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation)
Vasily Titov (First Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Bank)
Stepanov Igor (Press Secretary of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network)


In February 2012, ROSKINO launched the Russian Film Commission, based in Los Angeles which is responsible for building relationships with American Distributors while promoting Russia as a filming location and consummate partner for co-productions across America.

In 2014 ROSKINO has launched its London representative office, ROSKINO-UK.

ROSKINO CEO is Ekaterina Mtsitouridze.


ROSKINO is involved in all the major international Film Festivals (Cannes, Venice, Toronto), Markets (AFM, Marché du Film, MIPCOM, MIPTV), and Awards (The Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTAs).

Since 2008, ROSKINO has been organizing the Russian Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival & Market in the International Village, which served as the Russian film industry’s official centre. Catherine Mtsitouridze has been the art director of the Russian Pavilion since 2008.


The Berlin International Film Festival is held annually in Germany since 1951. The major award is the Golden Bear for the best film.

In 2013, Boris Khlebnikov’s A Long and Happy Life presented by Koktebel Film Company premiered successfully at the 63th Berlin International Film Festival.

Within the framework of the DOORS market at the EFM negotiations were conducted concerning the distribution of Russian films through Cinecliq, one of the leading VOD platfoms integrated with Facebook.

On the EFM ROSKINO CEO Katya Mtsituridze took part in the international film industry experts debate organized by the European Film Market together with Variety magazine. Topic of debate was "Changing European model: needs and opportunities", the participants discussed digital distribution of content, new markets and solutions.

In 2014 in Berlin as part of the European International Film Market (EFM), the official presentation of ROSKINO-UK representative office took place.


FiILMART is an international film and TV market that combines all the types of digital entertainment in one Hong Kong site, thus providing for a unique Pan-Asian opportunity of business development and contacts at any stage of content development, production and distribution. The sheer scope of the fair is amazing, in accordance with the recent growth rate and scale of the film industry in the Eastern hemisphere.

The formula of FILMART’s success is the integration of all the events on one consolidated platform. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre hosts the Asian Film Festival simultaneously with the digital film and TV content market, a co-production and a financial Forum. The market presents an ample selection of shorts, a movie format that is currently experiencing a rapid growth in China.

In 2014 the ROSKINO stand showcased the national film industry. The list of 23 participants included prominent players such as Mosfilm, Glavkino, Planeta Inform communication group and the National film foundation (Gosfilmofond). The catalogue of the Hong Kong edition of the DOORS film market listed a number of recent festival and theatrical releases such as The Major by Yury Bykov, Break Loose by Alexey Uchitel, Marathon by Karen Oganesyan, Love with an Accent by Rezo Gigineishvili, Kiss Them All (Gorko!) by Zhora Kryzhovnikov, Thirst by Dmitry Turin and a number of others.

Two of these films were included in the official selection of the concurrent Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF): Alexey Uchitel’s criminal drama Break Loose had been selected for the Midnight Heat section whereas Bykov’s criminal thriller The Major was screened as a part of World Cinema - Global Vision program.


The Cannes International Film Festival is the largest and most influential film event of the world. Every May thousands of film professionals, celebrities and journalists gather at the Côte d'Azur.

The Cannes festival combines an important competition judged by an influential jury with the Marché du Film market and prestigious social events attended by A-list stars.

The national film industries at the Cannes festival and film market are showcased in the Village International that springs up along the Croisette. Each year more than 40 countries present the recent developments of their national film industries to the world community.

Officially representing Russia at the Cannes Film Festival and Marché du Film film market since 2008, the Russian Pavilion acts as an information hub for filmmakers and a versatile platform for the promotion of the Russian films in the international market. Organization of the Russian pavilion is undertaken by ROSKINO.

ROSKINO also provides support for the Russian entries in the official festival selection. In 2012 the company was engaged in the PR campaign of In the Fog by Sergey Loznitsa that was screened in the main competition and sponsored the film crew’s participation in the festival. For the first time since Andrey Tarkovsky a Russian director was honored by a FIPRESCI award.

2012 saw ROSKINO promoting Taisia Igumentseva’s The Road To that won the main prize of the Cinéfondation section. Taisia received the Palme d’Or out of the hands of the president of the Cinéfondation jury, the two-time Palme d’Or winner, Jean Pierre Dardenne.

In 2012 Taisia Igumentseva’s feature debut Bite the Dust premiered in the prestigious Special Screening section of the 66th Cannes International Film Festival with the support of ROSKINO.

ROSKINO also supported the Cannes premiere of Yury Bykov’s The Major in Critics’ Week.

In 2014 the Russian pavilion at the Cannes film festival and Marché du Film market showcased the national film industry for the seventh time. It acted as an information hub for the Russian filmmakers and a versatile platform for the promotion of Russian films in the international market. ROSKINO officially represented Leviathan by Russian Cannes favorite Andrey Zvyagintsev’s. The film was awarded with the Palme d’Or for the best screenplay and aroused interest in Russian and international press. The Last One (Sonuncu) by Sergey Pikalov, a Russian-Azerbaijani co-production that took part in the Shorts competition program, also was presented by ROSKINO.

At the Cannes Film Market Leviathan was sold to all territories of the world. In the U.S. rights to theatrical release of the movie was acquired by Sony Pictures Classics, which gives the film a good chance to get nominated for "Best Foreign Film" at the Oscars in 2015. 

The intense program of the Russian pavilion included a line-up of 15 events and presentations: Focus on New Russian Cinema 2014, 36th MIFF press conference, presentation of Russian projects looking for co-production, Glacier Films press conference with Oscar winning actor Adrian Brody, presentation of ROME film & animation studio, presentation of CUPIDITY by MOFILM Studio with t.A.T.u band participation, debate on Digitalization of audio-visual industry: pirates, startups and perspectives, an event in memory of a remarkable Russian Director Aleksei Balabanov and presentation of GLOBAL RUSSIANS 2014 - the annual DVD almanac of Russian shorts presented at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Marché du Film.



In June, 2012 ROSKINO held the first International Traveling Film Market DOORS in Moscow. 35 American distributors, festival programmers and representatives of the leading media contributed to its program. Among the participants were Anthony Safford (20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight), Paul Federbush (International Director for Feature Film Program at Sundance), Bob Berney (Berney Films), Richard Lorber (KinoLorber), Nancy Gertsman (Zeitgeist Films), Eric D’Arbeloff and Howard Cohen (co-founders and CEO’s of Roadside Attraction company) and a number of other CEOs and top-ranking executives from the leading film distribution companies of the USA.

The 2012 DOORS edition allowed ROSKINO and Gravitas Ventures to announce a package deal with Hulu that implied the online video service including 12 Russian films in its streaming catalogue. The Spy hit the services top-20 two weeks after it had become available to the wide audience.

In the end of September, 2013, the 2nd International Traveling Film Market DOORS was held in Saint Petersburg by ROSKINO, with the participation of the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Saint Petersburg and Rostelecom JSC. The event that ran from September 25 to September 29 was conceived as an integral part of the Message to Man international film festival. The 2013 DOORS edition was targeted at film distributors from BRIC countries, namely Brazil, India and China. Besides representatives of these states, Saint Petersburg welcomed industry professionals from the UK, US, France, and Eastern Europe.

In November 2013 ROSKINO and the American Cinematheque, supported by the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held a Russian Film Week titled DOORS to Russian Cinema. The program tailored for the general public, industry professionals and film students featured such titles as Legend No 17 by Nikolay Lebedev, Soulless by Roman Prygunov, Kicking Off by Anton Bormatov, The Thirst by Dmitry Tyurin, The Game of Truth by Victor Shamirov and A Long and Happy Life by Boris Khlebnikov.


The Venice Film Festival is the oldest international film event in the world, listing among the three most important global festivals. The winner is awarded by a Golden Lion.

In 2011 ROSKINO, backed by a strategic partner, the Summa Group, invested in the PR for Alexander Sokurov’s Faust that became the Golden Lion winner of the year. The premiere was widely covered by print and electronic media, both Russian and international.

Since 2012 ROSKINO, along with its Strategic partner Aeroflot – Russian airlines, became an official partner of the Venice Film Market (VFM). Under the VFM umbrella ROSKINO in co-operation with the leading industry magazine Variety held an international panel on Purchase and Sale of Global Film Rights: New Technologies as the Next Stage of Global Distribution that included presentations of several industry leaders.

In August of 2013 ROSKINO participated in the 70th edition of the Venice International Film Festival in its already traditional role of an official partner of the 2nd Venice Film Market.

The great Marlen Khutsiev of the I Am Twenty fame presented Russia at the 70th Venice Film Festival with the support of ROSKINO. The director of several cult titles such as I Am Twenty, July Rain and It Was in May contributed to the Future Reloaded collective project with a short film titled In Perpetuum Infinituum. The anniversary tribute was revealed on the day of the festival opening.


The Busan International Film Festival and the Asian Film Market take place in South Korea, in the city formerly known as Pusan. The festival is a meeting point for filmmakers and industry leaders alike.

Several film markets function under the umbrella of the Busan Film Festival.

The Asian Film Market deals with сompleted industry products whereas the Asian Project Market offers ideas, screenplays and films at development or post-production stages.

The festival benefits from a сlose co-operation with the Asian Film Academy, the Asia Pacific Screen Academy, and the Busan Film Forum.

ROSKINO presents its DOORS traveling film market at each edition of the Busan film market.


The London Film Festival established by the British Film Institute (BFI) takes place in the UK capital since 1957. The Festival’s program includes hundreds of features, shorts and animated shorts from over 70 countries. Dozens of world, international and European premieres are held at the London festival.

In 2012 ROSKINO supported the Russian entries in the festival selection and sponsored the participation of the creators of all the five Russian titles in the festival program. ROSKINO also invested in the PR of the Russian participants which resulted in numerous publications in the leading European and international outlets.

In October 2013 ROSKINO presented three Russian features at the 57th London International Film Festival with the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The list of the Russian participants included A Long and Happy Life by Boris Khlebnikov, a social drama that premiered in the main competition of the Berlinale in February of the same year, Shame by Yusup Razykov which shows the lives of ordinary people against the background of notorious tragic events of the recent history of Russia, and Pipeline (Truba), Vitaly Mansky’s documentary sketches filmed along the route of a pipeline bringing petroleum from Western Siberia to Western Europe.


The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is an annual event that is held in Toronto, Canada since 1976. This film art celebration was originally known as The Festival of Festivals since it brought to Toronto a selection of the best titles that had premiered at other festivals around the world. The TIFF is considered one of the major global film-related events: in 2013 372 titles from 72 countries were selected out of more than 4000 applications, screened in the main cinemas of Toronto, more then 400 000 participants attended the Festival, more than 4000 of them – industry professionals. Unlike many other film festivals, TIFF lacks an official jury, and the major prize is the People’s Choice Award that is conferred upon the film with the highest rating among the public.

The last few years it was in Toronto that the world premieres of most Oscar nominees take place. Festival in Toronto became a launch pad of PR-campaigns of films competing at the Oscars, such as "12 Years a Slave", "August: Osage County", ”The Race", "Argo" and others.

In September 2013 ROSKINO visited the 38th Toronto International Film Festival, representing a new film by Alexei Uchitel «Break Loose», which was included in the program «Contemporary World Cinema» and based on the novel by notorious Russian writer Zahar Prilepin. At the TIFF, an international premiere of «Break Loose» took place. The movie was featured in the main halls of the festival on 5 official screenings, two of them accompanied by Q&A session with the participation of the international press. All the runs were sold out and aroused the interest of the audience for the film and its creators.

Besides the «Break Loose» another Russian film was shown - «The Major» by Yuri Bykov, festival favorite of 2013, a member of the Critics’ Week of the 66th Cannes Film Festival and three-time winner of the 16th Shanghai Film Festival.


The American Film Market is one of the largest industry events of the world. It is held in LA, California, since 1981.

ROSKINO is a traditional participant of the American Film Market. In 2012 the ROSKINO office at Le Merigot hotel presented 16 Russian titles to the international distributors. ROSKINO also supported the international promotion of Karen Shakhnazarov White Tiger, Russia’s official candidate for the Best Foreign Picture at the Academy Awards, and solicited the American release of Victor Ginzburg’s Generation P.

2013 was ROSKINO’s third year as an official partner, and the company held a series of panels attended by industry professionals, producers and distributors.

At the AFM pitching session for new projects ROSKINO presented Konstantin Fam’s Witnesses trilogy. The Russian director Konstantin Fam presented his Holocaust project. The first part of the trilogy, Shoes, had already been completed and thus qualified for the American Academy Awards in the Shorts nomination.

ROSKINO also unveiled the results of the 2nd DOORS International Traveling Film Market that had taken place in Saint Petersburg in September. ROSKINO and Digital Media Rights, the leading cable content aggregator, announced the exclusive broadcast of 100 Russian titles on major video services - Hulu, Hulu Plus and Amazon. The rights to these titles belong to RWS, CTC Network, Amedia and other major content producers.


ROSKINO is celebrating its landmark 90th anniversary in October, 2014. It is the very first institution established for the global promotion of national cinema. One of the driving forces behind the initiative was the legendary Soviet Сommissar for Education, art historian and Academy fellow, Anatoly Lunacharsky who acted as the company’s founder.

ROSKINO celebrated the anniversary with a gala dinner at Cannes that was conceived as the first of a series of events aimed at reaffirming the position of the first institution in the world established specifically for national cinema promotion and drawing attention to the achievements of contemporary Russian filmmakers.

The evening was attended by the producer of the film Leviathan Alexander Rodnyansky, co-president of the Association of Film and Television Sergey Selyanov, MIFF program director Kirill Razlogov, CEO of TNT Igor Mishin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Karo" Paul Heth, directors of almost all the film markets and leading festivals in the world, among them the Director of the Cannes Film Market Jerome Paillard, President of the Berlin Film Market Becky Probst, Director of the Venice Film Market Pascal Diot, Art Director of Film Festival in Toronto Cameron Bailey, Director of the Venice Film Festival Alberto Barbera, directors of markets in Hong Kong and Busan, the Cannes Film Festival Director Thierry Fremaux. One of the most important guests at the reception was co-president and founder of Sony Pictures Classics Tom Bernard.


In October 2014 St. Petersburg is to host the first edition of the Saint Petersburg International Media Forum (SPIMF). SPIMF is organized by ROSKINO and supported by the administration of St. Petersburg and the personal patronage of Governor GeorgyPoltavchenko.

The idea behind the event is to promote Saint Petersburg as an essential film area of an international relevance and to showcase the city’s advantages regarding production and digital content development. A cross-platform market will establish the city as a prestigious spot on the global entertainment industry map.

The Forum’s concept is based on the notion of cultural diversity. Along with taking interest in various national, social and generational cultures, it implies a synergy of professional and general audience.

The SPIMF line-up consists of three interrelated elements: film, TV, and new media. Each part will feature a highly diversified business and cultural program.

Forum consists of the following sections:


Programs are held in the best halls of St. Petersburg:

«Birth of a Nation» - national cinematography films NON FICTION - the best musical documentaries in 2014

«TEEN SPIRIT» - the best movies in 2014 for kids and teens

«TROFEY» - program by Mihial Trofimenkov about the leaders of the 21st century cinema

«KOR-KOR» - program by Vasily Koretsky of films from North Korea

«MAMENTUM» - Alexander Mamontov program - the best movies in Cannes 2014

«NL-PO» - BorisNelepo absurd program - cult films in the genre of science fiction LORARNO LOCAL - the best films of the festival in Locarno 2014

"GALA SCREENINGS" - in this section is 2 world and 2 Russian gala premieres


Birzha hosts the International Movie/TV/New Media content Market:

International Traveling Film Market DOORS

TV content Market

Market of Start-ups in Internet, New Media and Entertainment industry

Co-production Market

Festival of TV series


Cross-platform conference on hot topics

3. Workshop of one of the outstanding figures of Russian and international Internet

4. Creative Campus / Laboratoryby Alexander Sokurov