Over 20 Russian producers brought more than 50 projects to Berlin

February 21. MOSCOW – Russian filmmakers present their line-up at two co-branded venues this year: at the Created in Moscow stand, organized by Moscow Export Center, and at the Roskino – Russian Cinema Worldwide, organized by Russian film promotion agency Roskino with the support of the Russia’s Ministry of Culture. 

Created in Moscow gathers 17 Moscow-based film companies, including Central Partnership(“Chernobyl. Abyss", "Last Frontier", "Son of a rich", "Silver skates"), Art Pictures Distribution("Invasion"," Ice-2","The Sputnik", as well as "A dog named Palma" from Mars Media Entertainment & Amedia Production), Premier Studios ("Identification", "The Documentalist. Ghost hunter"), SREDA production company(“Irregulars”", "Ask Martha"), Planeta Inform("AK-47", "Coma", "Robo"), Wizart("Hansel and Gretel",  “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands”, "Sheep and wolves: Pig deal", "Fantastic return to Oz"), Riki Group("Finnick"),Mint Films International("47”, "The Battle", "Coronation"), All Media("A Frenchman", "The Hero", "The last warrior: Root of Evil"), Russian World Vision("The Watchman", "Red Ghost", "Motherland", "Port"), Revolution film("The Flame", "Mistresses", "Ain't girls game", "Run”), Odin-Media("The Tolstoy defenсe", “Land of bears”, “Siberia. The nomads in time”, “Urartu. The forgotten kingdom"), KD Studios("Identity", "Project Gemini", "Impious", "Forgotten experiment"), Red Carpet Studio("Space Dr. Cat", "Blinky and Knobby"), as well as Flysoundand Main Road Post.

Created in Moscow also hosts Vega Film, which presents "In Deep Sleep" by Maria Ignatenko, selected for the Berlinale Forum program(the company's slate also includes projects "Valter", "It`s not her name”and"Conference"). More details on Created in Moscow participants to be found below. 

“Supporting creative industries export, including film and animation industry, is among the key priorities of the Moscow government. That’s why we send such a delegation to European Film Market, where Moscow-based players will be able to expand and present their projects to wide audiences worldwide”, – comments Alexey Fursin, head of Moscow department of Enterpreneurship and Innovative Development. 

“EFM is the first must-attend event of the year, and the first showcase of new Russian content. As Russian industry is aspiring to become one of the top content exporters in Europe, it is crucial for us to have such a strong representation on Europe’s largest film market, including a large delegation of Moscow-based companies, working under Created in Moscow brand. In 2020, when the federal incentives system is put in place, we want to show that Russian market provides great offers with top class professionals, high production value and technologies”, says Evgeniya Markova, a head of Roskino, a state organization responsible for promotion Russian content worldwide.

Mars Media("A Dog named Palma", "Unknown Battle", "Sabre Dance", "Secret weapon"),RFG("The Last Trial", "Businessmen", "Viy 3D"), Mirsand ("FAU", "Blue Whale”), Proline Film(“Faust”, “Five percent”, “While the sun still burns”, “Palmyra”, “Through the black glass”, “Kharms”), Igmar(“The Oath”, “At The Moon”, “The End of the Season”, “The Fourth Wall”), Radragon ("Russian Raid"), Cinedoc("The Time Guardians"), as well asMosfilmwill be hosted at the Roskino stand. More information about companies and projects is below. 

Voenfilmwill also present several projects in partnership with Roskino, including "The Frozen North", made in co-production with Italy and Germany. The dramatic story of nine men standing on the melting Arctic ice has international cast, starring Daniel Caltagirone, Franco Nero, David Kross, Brian Webber. 

The company also brings "Saving Pushkin"by Igor Ugolnikov set in 1944, and "Last Frontier"by Vadim Shmelev and Igor Ugolnikov about the feat of cadets of the Podolsk artillery and infantry schools near Moscow in 1941. International sales are handled by Central Partnership. 

Apart from the market, this year Russian films are selected for different programs of the festival. Berlinale Shorts includes the animated film "My galactic twin Galaktion” by Sasha Svirsky (presented by Master-film company). Maria Ignatenko`s debut "In Deep Sleep"is selected for the Forum. Vadim Perelman's "Persian lessons" got in the Berlinale Special program. Andrey Gryazev's "Cotlovan"will be presented within the Panorama program, Metrafilms company will showcase the series project "Pawns”at the Co-Pro Series pitching.


Created in Moscow 

Central Partnershiphas a particularly strong package of high budget titles for EFM 2020.

Drama “Chernobyl.Abyss”recounts one of the key events of the cleanup operation in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The film is directed by Danila Kozlovskyand produced by Alexander RodnyanskySergey Melkumov, Danila Kozlovsky. The company will screen the premiere footage in Berlin.

The distributor brings 3 projects from "Three T Productions" studio: “Silver Skates”, the magnificent winter adventure se in the 19th Century Saint Petersburg, directed by Mikhail Lokshin, and action/disaster “Fire”by Alexey Nuzhniy, both set for release in December 2020, as well as sport drama “Streltsov”by Ilya Uchitel inspired by life and sport career of the most famous soviet football player Eduard Streltsov.

Central Partnership is also presenting new titles, like WWII film “Last Frontier”by Vadim Shmelev and the highest-grossing Russian comedy of all time “Son of a rich”by Klim Shipenko, which broke the box office record in Russia. 

The key title from Art Pictures Distribution is “Invasion”by Fedor Bondarchuk, which premiered in Russia in January 2020. In the sci-fi story, while Earth is under the threat of alien invasion after an UFO crush, there’s the only girl who’s been in contact with an alien – her supernatural powers, feelings and emotions to be examined by the military and scientists. 

Art Pictures also presents “Ice 2”by Zhora Kryzhovnikov, created in co-production with Vodorod, and another sci-fi project – “The Sputnik”by Yegor Abramenko. The company also brings “A dog named Palma”co-produced by Mars Media Entertainment and Amedia Production. The movie, directed by Alexandr Domogarov, is inspired by a true story about the adventures of a shepherd dog left in the airport by her owner.

All Media Companypresents “The Last warrior: Root of evil”, a sequel to “The Last Warrior”movie by Dmitriy Dyachenko, co-produced by Disney, Yellow, Black and White and TV Channel Rossiya. The distributor also brings “A Frenchman”by Andrey Smirnov, a drama about the French student in Russia searching for his Russian father, selected by International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Perspectives programme. “The Hero”, spy action by Karen Oganesyan, tells a story of a Secret Service school graduate running away from the security forces.

Mint Films Internationalbrings “47”by Alexey Uchitel. After Viktor Tsoi, the famous Soviet rock star, dies in a car accident on a Latvian highway, a party of mourners – the bus driver involved in the tragic accident, Tsoi's wife and her new boyfriend, his mistress, his producer, his young son and an obsessed photographer – all head back to bring his body to Leningrad. The Russian-Latvian project is in post-production and set to premiere this year.

The line-up also includes a historical mini-series “Coronation”by Alexey Uchitel, as well as “The battle”about a passionate street dancer and a comedy – “Another woman”by Anna Parmas. 

Planeta Informwill present its renewed line-up and the market premiere of much-awaited sci-fi feature “Coma”by Nikita Argunov about an architect who finds himself in the odd dystopian world filled with the memories of coma patients. Another market premiere by Planeta Inform is a new action biopic “AK-47”by Konstantin Buslov that tells a story of invention of the legendary gun – Kalashnikov by a young self-taught former tank commander Mikhail Kalashnikov. The last but not the least is the family sci-fi comedy “Robo”by Sarik Andreasyan, that tells a touching story of friendship between a boy and a robot.

Vega Film, hosted at Created in Moscow, presents ‘In deep sleep’by Maria Ignatenko, selected for the Forum this year.  The story looks at the feelings of loss, centering on a man whose wife has died, so all his world goes into deep slumber. 

Apart from Maria Ignatenko’s debut, the company brings to Berlin a line-up of new titles.“It’s not her name” by Veta Geraskina tells the story of a woman who abandoned her child after giving birth and is now trying to find out as much as possible about her imprisoned 17-year old daughter, who knows perfectly who her mother is.

“Conference”by Ivan Tverdovsky is in pre-production now, set for 2021. The film tells about a woman involved in the terrorist attack in Moscow in 2002, who comes to commemorate the victims and discovers the tragic details of her own story. 

Another pre-production title is “Valterby Robert Def set in 1990s. A conflict bursts in the Caucasus, so the hero sets off from Moscow to his homeland to save or bury his mother.

Russian World Vision presents “The Watchman”, a new drama by Yury Bykov about a devoted watchman who decides to help a hiding couple. The slate also includes a war movie “Red Ghost”by Andrey Bogatyrev about a group of Soviet soldiers caught in an unequal battle with the enemy during the WWII as well as “Motherland”by Sarik Andreasyan about several Russian emigrants who moved abroad forever, and action movie “Fixer”set in the 2000-s in Russia. RWV also presents “Port”, a story about growing up in tough conditions, and “Atakan. Bloody legend”about a group of history students who descend into the catacombs of St. Petersburg to find the legendary boulder where pagans had sacrificed humans for centuries... 

Premier Studiosbring two series. “The Identification”is a detective thriller that tells the story of an apparently fragile girl in the world of illegal immigrants, brutal criminals and law enforcement officers. This is an uncompromising genre project from the director of auteur cinema Vladlena Sandu. The project was earlier selected for Series Mania Festival, Moscow International Film Festival and Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF).

“The Documentalist. Ghost Hunter”is a thriller from Ilya Kulikov (“Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone”, “The Blackout”). This is the story of a young director who, in order to become famous, takes up the study of paranormal topics and suddenly encounters forces that it was better not to touch.

Sreda Production company also brings its new series: “The irregulars”and “Ask Martha”about a brilliant lawyer who only protects women.

Revolution Film,one of the key Moscow productions, will present 4 projects at EFM. “The Flame”by Valeriy Fokin is a fantasy about the confrontation between the aliens and the leaders of the superpowers of the Earth. “Mistresses”by Elena Hazanov is a comedy about revenge of the offended women who had been hurt and cheated on. The company also brings “Ain't girls game”, a film about a local female football team and “Run”, focusing on the athletics champion who accidentally gets a superpower and with the help of this he enters into a fight with a serial killer.

KD Studiosoffers “Project gemini”, a space adventure fantasy where the ecological crisis threatens the Earth, so the only chance to save the mankind is to create a new home in space. Another title is “Forgotten experiment”, focusing on the story of Ethan Blake, an inventor and scientist, and a team of researchers setting out on an expedition on a deserted island. The company’s line-up also includes the “Impious”thriller by Sergey Pikalov about a group of teenagers cruelly murdered by a demon, and “Identity”, focusing on the story of a special forces soldier who performs risky missions. 

Odin-Mediabrings a wide documentary slate: “Land of bears”“Siberia. The nomads in time”about the unexplored territories of Russia and “Urartu. The forgotten kingdom” about the most ancient state on Earth, its history and its unique background. “The Tolstoy defenсe”is a feature film based on true events, the story of an innocent soldier accused of a crime, who gets the support of the world-known writer Leo Tolstoy. 

Wizartpresents “Hansel & Gretel”feature as a start of the brand-new franchise for domestic and global market. The project is developed in partnership with the American QED International, the US-based film production, and is set to premiere at the end of 2020. The story is based on the famous fairytale by the Grimm brothers and will have a TV series spin-off – the Hansel & Gretel seriesis now in pre-development.

The studio also brings “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands”, part 4 of the famous franchise about Gerda and Snow Queen. The company’s also working on the TV spin-off here – “The Snow Queen: Keepers of Wonders”. The slate also includes “Sheep and wolves: Pig deal” feature and “Fantastic return to Oz”from Melnitsa studio.

Riki Grouppresents “Finnick”, the feature film about a young finn who makes pranks on the families who live in his house. Yet everything changes when a new family moves in and Finnick makes friends with a 13-year-old girl. The title is now in production, the story written by Denis Chernov and Tatyana Belova in cooperation with the Hollywood scriptwriter Neil Landau. 

Red Carpet Studio, a new player in the kids’ content market, brings “Space dr. Cat”, an educational and entertainment toy show with elements of 2D animation. The first 12 episodes have already gained a million views on Youtube – so, the first two seasons are getting dubbed in English, while the third one is in production. Another title – “Blinky and Knobby”is a dialogue-free 3D web series available in Russia and CIS at, as well as in USA and Canada at AmebaTV. The Bugabooz series, telling about the descendants of mythical creatures who help children overcome their fears and find human feelings in themselves, is now in development.           

Roskino stand

«IGMAR»presents «The Oath» – a historical drama based on a true story about the fate and feat of the chief medical officer of the Sevastopol psychiatric hospital, Naum Balaban. The company will also present a bright and dynamic movie «At the Moon»by Egor Konchalovsky about Russian “rich kids” and their attitude towards life, «The End of the Season»by Konstantin Khudyakov, as well as  «The Fourth Wall»by Anton Galimzyanov – the author’s reflection on how people will try to relive the lost emotions of the past in the distant «sterile» future.

RFGbrings «Viy 3D»movie, based on the famous novel by Nikolay Gogol, an action movie«The Last Trial», a criminal drama «Businessmen»and quite a big catalog of other titles («Areas», «She», «Gentle indifference of the world»).

Mars Mediaprojects at EFM 2020 include a military drama about the Great Patriotic War «Unknown Battle», a biographical drama «Sabre Dance»about the story of Aram Khachaturian's great musical composition, and“A dog named Palma”,co-produced with Amedia Production (international sales handled by Art Pictures Distribution). The war action “T-34”is also co-produced with Amedia Production, Rossiya-1 and “Three T Productions”.

Mirsandpresents adventure drama «FAU»by Timur Bekmambetov, and a movie based on real events about the «death groups» in Russian social networks with the working title «Blue Whale».

Proline Film Studiowill showcase a trailer for «Palmyra»project by Ivan Bolotnikov. The company will also show «The Flight»by Alexander Zolotukhin, «Five Percent»by Dmitry Svetozarov and «While the sun still burns»written by Mikhail Tyazhev, which are currently in development, and films «Through the Black Glass»and «Kharms».

Cinedocwill present the game film «The Time Guardians» by Alexey Telnov, created for wide family audience. It is an exciting phantasmagoric story about the adventures of a girl Ksenia in a Dark city, which she will find herself in after an accident. 

Radragonoffers «Russian Raid» by Denis Kryuchkovan action film about a former special forces soldier.

Mosfilm, the major Russian cinema concern, is also presenting its slate at Roskino.


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