Moscow in Motion is a short live action film about an American director (Stephen Ochsner) who arrives to Moscow in order to scout locations for his new project. The story he's working on is characterised by a complicated structure, featuring century-old events tightly intertwined with the modern life in a present-day metropolis. Therefore, the director is looking for the most diverse locations, ranging from historical sites and pompous palace interiors to flashy contemporary structures, as well as spaces suitable for breathtaking crowd shots and car chases. Accompanied by his future film's imaginary protagonists (Evgeny Romantsov and Yana Yenzhaeva), the director is roaming around Moscow by metro and MCC trains, riding motorbikes and speedboats. He's equally interested in exploring the Kremlin and semi-abandoned industrial estates; he's flying up the towers of Moscow City in a helicopter and driving an assault vehicle down the main intracity motorways. Having been convinced Moscow was indeed a visually bustling and unique metropolis, the director rings his producer to announce, "We're shooting Moscow in Moscow!" Next thing we see is his intention being brought to life, as he's about to start the principal photography at Mosfilm Studio. "Rolling! Action! Cut!"

Moscow in Motion was made in 2018 on the initiative of the Roskino CEO Katya Mtsitouridze as part of the promo campaign for Moscow Film Commission. Shot with participation of Stereotactic Studio, the short film is a spectacular instalment in the grand-scale multimedia project meant to present Moscow as a perfectly suitable city for film and TV production. It does not only exhibit the city's visual diversity in its different locations, but also proves that Moscow has a capacity of providing everything, required for a most complicated and ambitious project. That included speedboats, helicopters and armoured vehicles, efficiently facilitated by the Moscow Film Commission. The Moscow in Motion production could get underway with the support of the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, and active participation of the Moscow City Transport Agency and its head Maksim Liskutov personally. It was also hugely supported by such government bodies as The Presidential Administration, Press Service of the President of Russia, the Federal Security Office of Russia, The Federal Security Guard Service of Russia, Ministry of Defense of Russia, the National Guard of Russia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Katya Mtsitouridze, the CEO of Roskino

"The Moscow Film Commission, founded by the Government of Moscow in February of 2018, is meant to become instrumental in helping local and international content producers organise the shooting in the Russian capital. In order to promote the image of Moscow as one of the world's leading filming destinations, ROSKINO developed the multimedia and multi-platform project Moscow in Motion. The short live action film Moscow in Motion as part of this project is aimed to prove the cinematic value of the city. It has been created with all the thorough approach of a feature film production, including the extensive casting call that brought in 300 actors. We went through at least 7 script drafts before we could set a perfect balance between the thrilling narrative and the necessity of showcasing the complex diversity of Moscow locations within the constricted runtime of a short film. Notwithstanding the challenging circumstances of getting a filming permit for barely accessible and restricted facilities, we have secured the support of various government bodies, and shot every single object listed in the script. The film presentation at the Russian Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2018 was a huge success. Over 200 international experts, including producers, journalists and location scouts, applauded the effort and agreed on the notion of Moscow becoming a highly demanded filming location for content producers from all over the world. Our tagline is «Shoot Moscow in Moscow»!"