MIPTV, one of the world’s largest media content markets, is taking place in Cannes from 8 to 11 April, 2019. The global event attracts over 10 thousand registered participants from 105 countries, notably industry professionals in TV, digital, multimedia, mobile content, and technologies. MIPTV is an industry initiative aimed at major studios, productions and distributors, broadcasting partners, advertising agencies, filmmakers and telecom operators, well over 3500 buyers in total.

The TV market format allows all the participants to follow most of the events online through live streams and the authorized smartphone app. Registered participants can hold individual negotiations with selected buyers.

One of the MIPTV highlights is the In Development content co-production forum bringing industry professionals and filmmakers together to explore new ideas and projects available for co-production at early stages of development. The In Development Kids section includes a pitching of TV shows and animation projects targeting 3-6 year old audiences. The CEO of CTC Kids Lev Makarov is joining this year’s Pre-School Animation Pitch jury.

The industrial program also includes the MIPDrama Buyers Summit and a conference with a dedicated panel on 4K and 8K Ultra HD formats in Russia. The MIPFormats section addresses specialized TV formats unique to several countries while MIPDOC targets sellers and buyers of documentary content.

The Canneseries international series festival is held in parallel from April 5 to April 10. For the first time in MIPTV history, the competition line-up includes a Russian title, The Outbreak by Pavel Kostomarov, a TNT Premier Studios production. It is a gritty family drama set against a global disaster, an unknown virus that is wreaking havoc in Moscow and turning it into a city of the dead. The project will be presented by the two producers, Valeriy Fedorovich and Evgeniy Nikishov, the two female leads, Victoria Isakova and Maryana Spivak and the screenwriter Roman Kantor.


ROSKINO endorsed by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Export Center supports the participation of diverse Russian companies. The 2019 edition of MIPTV is dedicated to Pushing Boundaries. The Russian participants follow the lead by setting up four platforms instead of one. Firstly, there are two ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide umbrella stands carrying Russian Export Center’s Made in Russia brand. These host 15 content providers, including Central Partnership, Russian World Vision, Wizart Animation, Soyuzmultfilm Studio, Igmar Productions, X-Media Digital, SeneMedia, and a number of others. The line-up features over 30 titles of films and series, TV and animation projects, as well as a showcase of updated information on Russian film industry. Riki Group and Signal Media have opted for standalone booths.

Katya Mtsitouridze, Roskino CEO

‘This year the expanded Russian presence is especially visible amid the protests against the exorbitant prices of MIPTV stands and advertisement that led to a full boycott of the market by Disney, Fox, BBC, Endemol, and other US and UK majors. There are at total of four stands co-organized by us and the Russian Export Center as well as several separate booths set up by Sovtelexport, the distributor of Russia TV and Radio content, NTV, Star Media, and a number of others. I think we should actually be getting a discount because raising prices in the middle of a globally volatile situation makes participation impossible for many excellent professionals and industry players and prevents discoveries of upcoming talents. As for the Russian participants, they come to Cannes for new trends and networking as much as for selling the existing content. We congratulate our TV3 colleagues who are launching The Outbreak produced by TNT Premier Studios. In spite of all the complications we hope to keep up the standards both for our regular partners and the market newcomers.’

The Cannes slate of Wizart Animation features the latest instalment of the blockbusting Snow Queen franchise, Keepers of Wonders by Alexey Zamyslov, as well as the well- established Yoko that is getting new episode and a spin-off with the familiar characters in 2019. Along with TV content the studio showcases new feature animation projects: an adaptation of Alexander Pushkin’s Ruslan and Lyudmila and Hansel and Gretel after the brothers Grimm. The latter titles are currently in production and potential co- production partners will be able to see some of the available footage.

Central Partnership is showcasing the company’s entire film, TV and animation portfolio. The latest additions are Billion by Roman Prygunov and Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest by Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy.

Caterina Pshenitsyna, CP international sales director:

‘Our company is a regular at the MIPTV market. The wide range of out titles includes a selection of national box office leaders, top quality series such as Gogol, a TV3 production, and feature animations such as The Fixies franchise. Billion, the action thriller starring Vladimir Mashkov, has generated a lot of interest among European buyers already in the run-up to the market. Our international partners know the actor well for his performance in The Crew, a blockbusting thriller that sold all over the world.’

Soyuzmultfilm studio is promoting the new Prostokvashino action comedy directed by Mikhail Soloshenko, Evgeniya Zhirkova and Anna Kuzina, a follow-up of the legendary trilogy of the 1980’s. The Pirate School by Alexey Lebedev and Dzhangir Suleimanov is bound to win over pirate fans of all ages. Petya and Wolf by Alexey Lebedev is an animated sitcom narrating the adventures of a city boy and his imaginary friend the Wolf, on a visit from a parallel universe inhabited by fairytale characters.

Yuliana Slascheva, Soyuzmultfilm Chairman of the Board:

‘Soyuzmultfilm Studio is showcasing the flagship series, Prostokvashino, along with two recent projects targeting teenagers, The Pirate School and Petya and Wolf. On top of that, the offer includes a full range of Soyuzmultfilm products, from stop-motion Hoffmaniada to award-winning animated shorts: Vivat Musketeers by Anton Dyakov, Moroshka by Polina Minchenok, Two Trams by Svetlana Andrianova, and many more.’

RUSSIAN WORLD VISION is launching Convoy 48 by Fedor Popov, a thriller based on a true WWII story unfolding during the siege of Leningrad. The RWS slate also includes the family fantasy The House Elf by Evgeniy Bedarev, Tigran Saakyan’s thriller Break, and Tankers, a war drama by Konstantin Maximov. Pre-sales are going on for two projects in development, The Forest by Evgeniy Puzirevskiy and The Locked Door by Arseniy Syukhin. The portfolio also includes The BIg Deal by Mikhail Raskhodnikov, Follow Your Dream by Antonina Ruzhe, All or Nothing by Dmitry Suvorov, Pain Threshold by Andrey Simonov, and Spitak by Alexander Kott.

Igmar Productions is showcasing Contribution, a period thriller by Sergey Snezhkin, A Girl with a Scythe, a comedy by Olga Popova, and The Cry of Silence, a period drama by Vladimir Potapov.

The 100 KiloWatt studio is focusing on two animation projects, Eager Beaver by Alexey Lukyanchikov and Homies by Victor Azeev, along with the kids documentary show Microstories created by Julia Koroleva.

Elena Malenkina, 100 KiloWatt Producer-in-Chief:

‘Our studio creates animation series and kids shows. Therefore, MIPTV is the key industry event for 100 KiloWatt. We have first launched our projects in Cannes last fall and hope to be finalizing our first deals in the spring. I am especially happy to see that the perfectly organized Roskino stand has our TV shows appreciated as well as the animation. Microstories, our factual entertainment series, has just been sold to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, Turkey, and a number of other territories while Homies and Eager Beaver are getting a Chinese release already this year.’

Digital LLC is launching two new projects, Trailblazers by Konstantin Shchekin, and Thick Armor, a wartime thriller by Yuri Leizerov.

Valeria Dobrolyubova, Digital LLC sales director:

‘We appreciate the chance to return to Cannes to take part in this intense and thrilling industrial event. And we are happy to join the Roskino stand at the MIPTV market which is the key European platform for the international promotion of TV content. We hope to make our partners happy with our quality storytelling and inventive imagery, hallmark of the Russian animation school.’

The slate of AA Studio features Rabbit’s 10, an animated series with talking animals by Svyatoslav Ushakov and Vladimir Sakov, Trains by Alexey Kotenochkin, the new Woof- Meow series by Alexey Kotenochkin, The Princess and the Dragon by Vasiliy Rovenskiy, and Squad Go Wild by Igor Veyshtagin.

SeneMedia is focusing on two projects. The first one, Milkformadness, is the latest feature drama by Sergey Kavtaradze exploring the collective unconscious and archetypal patterns of war through the story of an Afghan veteran with aggression issues, a phenomenon that dates back to the dawn of civilization. The second one is Blank Page, Aina Meredova’s documentary on the colourful life of the Russian tundra seen through the eyes of young Grisha, a nomad poet who is keeping a diary of his wanderings. The protagonist died in an accident soon after film was made so the director published a book of his selected poems.

The brand4rent agency is resuming the negotiations initiated at MIPCOM, presenting new projects, and studying co-production options. The sales slate includes three Soyuzmultfilm projects: Orange Moo-Cow by Maria Koneva and Irina Elshanskaya, Claymotions Figurines by Sergey Merinov, and Captain Kraken by Artur Merkulov along with Cosmi Academy, a White Ball Studio production, and Monsikids created by Riki Group.

Signal Media offers both animated and documentary content. Cutie Cubies, Fantasy Patrol, and Heroes of Envell target kids while Planet of the Horses, Guide to the Universe and Not Necessarily are factual entertainment series for all ages.

The Riki Group MIPTV slate includes a wide range of in-house products: BabyRiki, KikoRiki, PINCODE, Tina & Tony, and Tommy the Little Dragon. Some of the titles currently in development are the animated series Liry & Taya, The Kameleons, Weatherville, Beardy Bodo, The Question Club, Christmas Academy, Forest Keepers, Above the Ceiling, and The Amazing Spoilers.

The ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide stands co-organized by REC and carrying the Made in Russia brand also offer promo materials of Sovtelexport, the official distributor of Russia Television and Radio content. The line-up of the company includes the new season of the period drama Godunov that ranked number one in Russia in 2018. The story is set in the 16th century Moscovia, narrating the fortunes and downfalls of the Godunov family as they unfold after the times of Ivan the Terrible. The compelling story, multidimensional characters and star actors contribute to making this historical drama relevant and appealing for today’s audiences.

The criminal drama Blackout is another highlight of the Sovtelexport portfolio, an adaptation of a recent bestseller, a sharp commentary on one of the most controversial periods of Russian history, the 1990’s, when the whole country collapsed in a day. War heroes and common folks had to make hard choices between good and evil in order to survive. Intense drama, high suspense, unexpected twists and fascinating protagonists make the series a true gem.

The new feature drama Two Tickets Home offers a contemporary take on the eternal conflict between parents and children. It is centered on two strong characters and two irreconcilable forces. Finally, they need to make a choice between burning anger and forgiveness. A compelling thriller-mystery plot captures the attention of the audiences immediately and leads on to a genuine catharsis.