The 23rd edition of the largest film and entertainment marketplace in Asia, FILMART, or Hong Kong International Film & TV market, is taking place on March 18-21, 2019. Over 850 companies from 35 countries participated in FILMART 2018 attended by 8700 buyers from the US, the UK, Canada, Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, and most importantly China itself. 


The central event of the market is the Hong Kong Asia FIlm Financing Forum (HAF) that is held for the 17th time. Producers, investors, and distributors come to discuss possibilities of international cooperation. 23 projects from around the world have been shortlisted for the Forum. Last year’s lineup featured two Russian titles, Far Frontiers by Maxim Dashkin and Jealousy by Nigina Sayfullaeva. 


The HAF program also includes Work in Progress labs. In the 2018 edition there were three projects from Russia: Ayka by Sergey Dvorstevoy, The Pencil by Natalya Nazarova, and The Man Who Surprised Everyone by Natalya Merkulova and Alexey Chupov. This year’s 10 feature submissions includeThe Shooter by Petr Levchenko produced by Katia Filippova of Atlantic Film, the person behind last year’s success of The Man Who Surprised Everyone. The Shooter is based on the true story of the man who shot 4 people in the town of Krasnogorsk in October, 2015. The film stars YuriyTsuriloand Mikhail Gomiashvili. 


The Hong Kong Animation & Digital Entertainment pavilion is dedicated entirely to digital companies and animation split into three thematic sections: digital effects, animation, and interactive solutions. The participants showcase state-of-the-art digital production technologies, CGI effects, post production solutions, smartphone applications, games, multimedia design, and virtual reality inventions. 


In total the FILMART program includes over 60 special events for industry professionals. During 14 thematic seminars over 50 top industry professionals will share their experiences with market participants. The lineup features more than 100 world premiers.




                               ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide


The latest Russian film and animation specialties are showcased at the ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide umbrella stand along with comprehensive information on the state of the Russian film industry. Roskino supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation sets up the joint representation already for the 5th time. The list of 25 Russian studios includes All Media Company, Wizart Animation, Art Pictures Studio, Planeta Inform Group, Riki Group, and a number of others. 


Katya Mtsitouridze, Roskino CEO: 

‘We included the Hong Kong event in the market circuit of Russian film and TV content producers 5 years ago. Before that very few people considered it worthwhile to undertake systematic efforts for Asian territories. We gave two tries to the big market in Busan but unfortunately it corresponds with the MIPCOM TV content market in Cannes, and the Russian exhibitors opted for the European platform. Therefore in order to promote our projects in Asia we decided to focus on Hong Kong, especially since the lineup combines film, TV, and digital content in every available format. China is a dream market for any national content provider, and it offers the Russian companies the precious chance to get back the money spent on big releases that have not succeeded in the national box office. Our aspiring producers, especially the ones working with independent projects, should take a closer look at the Film Financing Forum and the WIP lab for co-productions. The Man Who Surprised Everyone was taken up in Hong Kong last year and eventually got an award in Venice. This year the producers return with a new project. The Asian market requires a systematic effort. We are thinking of getting a stand in Singapore next. Personal contacts between content providers and buyers have an incredible impact on the future sales.’


All Media Company is showcasing the war thriller Saving Leningrad by Alexey Kozlov along with The Conquest of Siberia, Igor Zaytsev’s epic tale of the times of Peter the Great, and The Superfamily 2a family comedy by Dmitry Dyachenko. 


Zhanna Shakhshaeva, All Media Head of international Department:

Saving Leningrad has already been acquired by distributors from Korea, the US, Canada, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the UAE. In Germany both this thriller and The Conquest of Siberia are getting theatrical releases. The latter title will also be released in Korea, the former Yugoslavian countries, the UAE, Cyprus, North America, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Monaco. The Superfamily 2 will be shown in Germany, the UAE, Cyprus, and China. We hope to keep up the good work at the ROSKINO - Russian Cinema Worldwide stand at Filmart and succeed in selling these projects to more new territories.’


The Wizart Animation  Hong Kong slate is headlined by The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands by Robert Lence and Alexey Tsitsilin, the fourth instalment of the topmost international box office hit in the records of Russian independent animation. The portfolio also includes Fantastic Return to Ozand Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal by Mikhail Babenko. The Wizart team intends to negotiate with buyers from China, India, Korea, and other players of the Asian market. 


Yuri Moskvin, Wizart Managing Producer: 

‘We are hoping for a productive time in Hong Kong. Last year The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice scooped a Russian record-breaking $12 mln in China. As a consequence, the Asian buyers began to take a keener interest in our titles. The release of the fourth instalment of the franchise is slated for April, so we are coming to the market in the run-up to a big release expected by many companies in Southeast Asia. We are happy to keep working with Roskino at the Russian umbrella stand.’


Art Pictures Studio is showcasing Fedor Konyukhov,a new project by Fedor Bondarchuk in co-production with Vodorod Pictures, a biopic of the famous Russian explorer focusing on his solo air balloon voyage around the world in 2016. The two other important titles are Attraction 2, the second part of the sci fi thriller by the same Bondarchuk, and Sputnik by Egor Abramenko, a co-production with Vodorod Pictures and Hype Film. 


Planeta Inform Groupis going to introduce the Asian audiences to The Dawn, a horror by Pavel Sidorov released in Russia in January 2019. The first market screening took place at the EFM in Berlin. In addition, the lineup includes a new episode of Coma and the first available footage of Robo. 


Riki Groupis focusing on two 3D family animations by Denis Chernov, My Toy Pandacurrently in production, and Our Friend Finnick, currently in development.


The TV catalogue of Riki Group features several animated series: BabyRiki, Kikoriki, PINCODE,Tina & Tonyby Elena Chernova and Andrey Bakhurin, and Tommy the Little Dragonby Marina Moshkova.  The studio is also going to showcase several animated series still in development: Liry & Taya by Elena Chernova, The KameleonsSky Workshop, Fanny & Plume, Beardy Bodo by Vladimir Sakhnovsky, The Snow Academy by Denis Chernov and Tatyana Belova, and Amazing Spoils directed by Leonid Shmelkov and Alexandra McGuinness.


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