From October 15 to October 18, 2018 Cannes (France) will host MIPCOM, one of the largest international markets of audiovisual content. Prior to the event, on October 13 and 14, MIPJunior, the annual international market of television programmes and cartoons for children, is planned to take place.

Last year MIPCOM was attended by about 14,000 people from more than 110 countries, and this year, an even greater number of participants is expected. The organizers of the market in Cannes listed the following key aspects of the program for this year: Production Funding Forum, award ceremony for TV broadcasters, as well as world premiere screenings. The country in focus is China, and the main topic is women in the industry. Issa Rae, a U.S. creator, producer and star of HBO’s hit show “Insecure,” has been named MIPCOM 2018 Personality of the Year. She gained her fame through her own Youtube channel where she broadcasts her web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

On October 14, prior to the official inauguration of the audiovisual content market MIPCOM 2018, the world premiere of the Russian project Trigger is planned (directed by Dmitry Tyurin, produced by Sreda Production Company). In Russia, the 16-episode drama is scheduled for screening on Channel One.

It is a story about Artem, a young psychologist from Moscow who practices provocative therapy in his work with patients who suffer from the deepest, darkest fears. But one day one of his clients commits suicide, and Artem is sentenced to prison for having provoked it. Artem decides to prove his innocence by revealing who is really responsible for the death of his patient...

On October 14, Cannes will also host the award ceremony for the winners of Drama Innovation Content. NTV's TV series based on The Road to Calvary by Alexey Tolstoy, directed by Konstantin Khudyakov, is on the shortlist for Best Debut Drama Series. Russian cinema companies will be presented in Cannes at the ROSKINO RUSSIAN CINEMA WORLDWIDE joint stand, organized by ROSKINO supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. More than 30 Russian companies are going to present their projects to buyers from all over the world: All Media, Mirsand, Mars Media, Izum, X-MEDIA DIGITAL, IGMAR, Riki Group and others. In the framework of MIPCOM, the booth will present more than 45 Russian movies and TV series, as well as an updated catalogue of the First International Travelling Film Market DOORS – Digital October Official ROSKINO Screenings, which included Russian projects of 2016/2018.

Ekaterina Mtsituridze, CEO of ROSKINO:

"Over the past few years, global television market has been experiencing a period of real Renaissance, that's why MIPCOM, which opens the season of autumn premieres, of course, has a special meaning for professionals. The ROSKINO – RUSSIAN CINEMA WORLDWIDE booth presents many of the best Russian content producers, with higest quality TV shows and movies of different genres. We also spread information about all Russian companies that have their separate booths in Cannes this year. It is important that Russia's representation is so powerful and important this time. We're in for a few days of non-stop meetings and negotiations. I wish all my colleagues a successful market!"

All MEDIA presents a voluminous, full-bodied directory of TV series by Yellow, Black and White at MIPCOM. One of its flagships is Better than us directed by Andrey Dzhunkovsky, a 2017 MIP Drama Screenings participant. The company will also present The Conquest of Siberia, a historical action series about the development of Siberia directed by Igor Zaitsev, Gold diggers, a new erotic thriller TV series directed by Konstantin Bogomolov, which is under production at the moment, and Bar «Talk It Up», an online series directed by Irina Vilkova.

Zhanna Shakhshaeva, Head of the international Department at All Media:

«We display several key projects at MIPCOM. This is the highly anticipated series Better than us, first shown to foreign buyers in the spring of 2017, when the project was at an early stage of production and was selected with a 15 minute fragment for the final of the international pitching MIPDrama at MIPTV. We are also presenting The Conquest of Siberia, an 8-episode historical epic that combines fiction with the reality and environment of Peter I's reign.

We will have something to surprise buyers, for there will also be two brand new vivid and unusual projects. Those are Gold diggers, a thriller by Konstantin Bogomolov that is currently being shot, and a brand new format: Bar «Talk It Up», an online series awarded for the best idea at Realist Web Fest. We are sure that international professionals will appreciate it, for online series go way back in the world industry and are quite popular among the viewers, so stories that are able to attract the audience in just a few minutes can't stay unnoticed.»

Mars Media will present one of the most expensive projects of Channel One, Catherine The Great, a historic series directed by Igor Zaytsev devoted to the fate of the German Princess Sophia Augusta Frederica of Anhalt-Zerbst, who became the Russian Empress.

The psychological thriller The Fiery Angel directed by Darya Semyonova tells us the story of a girl who lost her memory after an accident, and now is trying to reveal the truth about her past and to find out if her husband has been distorting it. The Perfect Ones, a drama TV series premiered on the eve of the film market, was directed by Kirill Pletnev. It is a story about two girls who used to be in love with the same man. After his death, they get mysterious messages that only he could’ve possibly sent them. They embark on a journey together, hoping to find him alive at the destination point.

Mars Media will also present a series of new crime series: Sketch Of Murder directed by Stanislav Nazirov, Oleg Storm, Yuri Popovich, a TV series based on detective novels by Anna Malysheva; TV series The Second Sight directed by Kirill Belevich, telling us about a homicide investigator, who lost sight and opened the seventh sense, helping him to masterfully investigate complicated crimes; The Northern Lights, a mystery directed by Darya Semenova, and the detective drama The Secrets of N-Town directed by Nikolay Khomeriki.

Riki Group is presenting its updated catalog with ten projects of animated TV series in various stages of production:Tim & Tom directed by Elena Chernova and Andrey Bachurin, Dragon Tosha directed by Marina Moshkova, Beardy Bodo directed by Vladimir Sakhnovsky, Question Club directed by Evgenia Golubeva, Liry&Taya directed by Elena Chernova, Sky Workshop directed by Victor Glukhishin), Chameleons, Amazing Spoils directed by Leonid Shmelkov and Alexandra McGuinness, Above the Ceiling directed by Svetlana Mardagolimova and Fanny and Plume.

Diana Yurinova, Deputy CEO for International Development at Riki Group:

This year, Riki Group will present an updated catalogue featuring ten projects of animated TV series in various stages of production. The catalog includes both ready-made series such as Tina & Tony, Tommy the Little Dragon, and ready for production projects planned to launch in 2019, such as Beardy Bodo and Question Club, as well as new series under development: Liry & Taya, Weatherville, Snow Academy, The Amazing Spoilers, Above the Ceiling, Forest Keepers.

We have a lot of news to break at MIPCOM. We will announce the launch of a joint development with the U.S. Studio The Tremblay Brothers Comedy of a musical animated series The Kameleons, focused on 6 to 11-year-olds. During the presentation of new projects of СCTV Animation, the Chinese state channel for children, a premiere of the Russian-Chinese animated series Jumper and Panda, co-produced between Riki Group and CCTV Animation, will be shown. This September, we announced a deal with the French company APC Kids for the launch of joint production of the international version of Ricky the Dinosaur, animated series for preschoolers. APC Kids will be the one to present it in Cannes.

This year's market promises to be very rich, we hope that our projects will appeal to the international entertainment industry.

X-Media Digital is planning to show animation projects of its own production: The Little Princess directed by Natalia Titarenko, Magic Pic directed by Stanislav Metelsky, Lisa’s Dresses directed by Dmitry Gorbunov, Amazing Construction (Artur Merkulov), Cars, Cars (Artur Merkulov) and Otto's walk directed by Artur Merkulov.

Natalia Voevodina, Key Account Manager at X-Media Digital:

At the upcoming MIPCOM and MIP Junior film markets, our company will present several animated series of our own production, which have already been successfully presented on Russian TV channels and online platforms.

The main objective of the participation in film markets is to attract the attention of distributors and buyers of foreign TV channels and digital platforms to Russian animated content for children, in order to establish long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

IGMAR will present its comedy of the 90s for foreign buyers at MIPCOM: My Seawoman directed by Anatoly Aramyan and Encore, Once More Encore! directed by Peter Todorovski, melodramas of the 2000s The Envy of Gods directed by Vladimir Menshov and One Life to Live directed by Vitaliy Moskalenko, as well as Beyond the Wind, a new historical/biographical mini-series which is currently under production, directed by Leonid Plyaskin.

Margarita Korneva, CEO of IGMAR Production Company:

In 2019, we're planning to complete the production of the series Beyond the Wind, so the negotiations will focused on the premiere of this project.

MIP markets are positioned primarily as television content sales platforms. And it is important to understand that the work in this aspect is not limited to the sales of premiere projects. The interest of TV channels does not focus on recent years: many "library" names are quite popular today. Such as My Seawoman, The Envy of Gods, One Life to Live and Encore, Once More Encore, and many other movies."

Izym will present its documentaries at MIPCOM: New Circus Shows from Zapashny Brothers directed by Askold Zapashny and Elizabeth Feodorovna Romanova. One Last Pray directed by Yuliya Ermolina. As well as the series Mission Satan directed by Yuriy Moroz, premiered on Channel One in early October.

This year is the debut of 100 Kilowatts Animation Studio at the international market: they will be presenting their TV series Eager Beaver directed by Alexey Lukyanchikov and Homies directed by Victor Azeev.

Elena Malenkina, Chief Producer of 100 Kilowatts Studio:

"High-quality animated content is in demand on the international market. We are pleased to offer distributors the projects that have already proven themselves in Russia and are loved by our audience. I would also like to note that in Cannes we present Little Houses not only as content: the format of the project is also available for international partners."

New Film will be presenting Convoy 48 directed by Fedor Popov, based on the true events of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), with real participants of the defense of Leningrad as prototypes for the protagonists. They are also planning to present the sports drama Beyond The Summit, directed by Yana Polyarush, Tamara Tsotsoria, and Konstantin Kutuev. The plot was based the story of Alexey Moshin, two-time Paralympic champion. The company will also present two movies from Yuri Grymov's project The New classics: Anna Karenina. The Intimate Diary directed by Yury Grymov and Three Sisters directed by Yury Grymov. It is an unusual interpretation of the dramatic works of Russian classic literature.