The westernmost part of Russia is an exclave in Central Europe. Kaliningrad Region has the rich heritage of a European past intermingled with authentic Russian reality.
Ruins of teutonic castles coexist with modern glass buildings, and the renovated Catholic cathedral peacefully neighbors an Orthodox church. The natural scenery of the Kaliningrad Region is diverse. Sand dunes, gorgeous lakes, seascapes, and evergreen woods decorate the region. The region offers breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea, large beaches, untouched national parks, and spectacular amber deposits. Over the past ten years, more than 15 film projects have been filmed in Kaliningrad Region.

Key Benefits:
  • The Baltic Sea
  • Historical architectural ensembles
  • The region provides rebates from 20 % to 40 %.
  • The Curonian Spit National Park and the Dancing Forest (an area of coniferous forest, whose trees are distinguished by curved trunks).
  • The availability of film industry professionals: lighting specialists, second directors, camera operators, location managers, costume designers, prop managers, and film set administrators.
  • A developed tourist infrastructure.
  • A choice of transport and catering companies.
  • Good transport accessibility to and within the region.
The Regional Film Commission takes care of all issues related to the organization of filming in the region including the selection of locations, the coordination and issuance of permits for filming, and assistance in other organizational matters.

Московская область
Ленинградская область
125009, Russia,
Moscow, Kalashny Lane 14