The Leningrad region has over 4,700 places of cultural heritage, including historical, cultural, architectural, and archaeological monuments. The most well-known cities in the area, Vyborg and Gatchina, are great attractions.
Key Benefits:
  • Unique historic sites. Every building in Vyborg's historic district is a work of art, from the Gothic town hall to the 16th-century Citizen's House.
  • Priory Palace, a charming castle that Emperor Paul I built for the Knights of Malta, is a prominent landmark in Gatchina.
  • Lake Ladoga, which covers over 18,000 square kilometers, is the largest of the 1,800 lakes in Leningrad Region and the largest lake in Europe.
  • Vyborg contains unique Russian fortresses, architectural monuments,and the only surviving example of West European fortifications from the Middle Ages.
  • There are many nature reserves, including Nizhnesvirsky, Mshinskoye Boloto Zakaznik, Beryozovye Islands, Vyborgsky, Kurgalsky, and Lebyazhy.
  • The region reimburses up to 20 % of film production costs. In 2022, 14.4 million RUR (240,000 USD) was allocated for rebates.
The Regional Film Commission takes care of all issues related to the organization of filming in the region including the selection of locations, the coordination and issuance of permits for filming, and assistance in other organizational matters.


Московская область
Ленинградская область
125009, Russia,
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