Live stream: Russia – Israel

On 23rd of June 23 at 1:30 PM during the Cannes online film market Marché du Film, a meeting of leading filmmakers from Russia and Israel will be held. The purpose of the meeting is to strengthen cinematic ties and relations between countries, to introduce professionals to new partnership opportunities that open up joint production for producers, and to present new projects seeking co-production to the professional community. In addition, the signing of an intercountry agreement, defining the possibilities for filming and the work procedure in each of the partner countries, will be announced during the meeting.

The event will bring together the following experts and speakers:

The Heads of the two main Israeli Cinema Funds - Lisa Shiloach Uzrad, the Executive Director of the Israeli Film Fund, Yoav Abramovich, the Head of the Rabinovich Foundation, and also Roni Perry, the Head of the TV series at the Israel Broadcasting Corporation KAN 11, and Gili Gaon, the Head of the Documentary at the Israel Broadcasting Corporation KAN 11. From the Russian side, there will be Evgenia Markova - CEO of Roskino, Leonid Demchenko, the Head of the Department of State Support for the production of non-fiction and animated national films of the cinematography department of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the representative of Russia in the Eurimages foundation board, the Head of the «Kinoprime» foundation Anton Malyshev, as well as leading Russian and Israeli producers.

The participants will discuss the key issues of industry development. The projects open for joint production will be presented by the producers Igor Tolstunov (Profit company), Alexander Kessel (Sputnik Vostok Production), Nadezhda Zayonchkovskaya (Premier Studios), as well as their colleagues from Israel.