The film “A Dog Named Palma” conquered the audience of Laos

From April 21 to April 23, Vientiane, the capital of Laos, for the first time hosted the

Russian Film Festival, organized by ROSKINO with the support of the Ministry of

Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Center of Science and Culture in


The event was the first large-scale festival of Russian films in Laos in ten years. Five films

were screened to full houses, with a special response in the hearts of the Lao audience to the

family adventure film "A Dog Named Palma" and the full-length animation "Horse Julius

on the Throne and the Three Heroes". The audience also saw the sports drama "Ice" and

the comedies "Desperate for Marriage" and "Russian South". The total audience of the

three-day shows was about a thousand people. There were many young people and students

among the audience.
On April 21, the opening day, the festival was visited by representatives of the top leadership

of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, including Vice-Presidents of the National

Assembly Sommad Pholsena and Souvone Leuangbounmy; Deputy Minister of

Information, Culture and Tourism Vansy Kuamua; Chairman of the Society of Russian-

Laotian Friendship Boviengkham Vongdara. In addition, among the guests were members

of Parliament, and representatives of various ministries and departments. Students of the

Department of the Russian Language of the Faculty of the Laos National University gave a

concert to the guests.

In his welcoming speech at the opening ceremony, Russian Ambassador to Laos, Vladimir

Kalinin, expressed confidence that holding the Russian Film Festival after a 10-year break

would be met with interest by Laotian audiences and would serve to further strengthen

cooperation in the field of culture and art and strengthen the traditional friendship between

the peoples of the two countries.
An educational program was also organized as part of the Russian Film Festival. A joint

lecture was held in the film lecture hall of the Department of Cinematography of the Ministry

of Information, Culture and Tourism of Laos. ROSKINO Acting CEO Ekaterina Naumova

and ROSKINO Business Process Development and Management Advisor Rimma

Sachunova covered the topics of the Russian Film Festival and Russia as a location for

filming. Daria Ivanova, production designer of "Horse Julius on the Throne and the Three

Heroes", spoke about the types and techniques of modern animation.