The SIFF will run June 11 – 20, with its Golden Goblet awards ceremony to be held in person in Shanghai on June 19.

This year, there is a significant Russian presence at the event – 17 Russian films will be shown in various screening programs, 5 of them to be world premiered at the Festival.

Evgenia Markova, the ROSKINO CEO:
“During the last 3-5 years, we have been continuously enjoying the success of Russian cinematography around the world. This year is especially fruitful for our talents – directors, producers, and actors. A wide range of different types of projects will be presented at the Shanghai International Film Festival – from feature films, short films, and animation to the cinematography of the regions of Russia. Presenting 17 projects at one of the biggest international festivals is itself a great success, and I wish my colleagues all the best at the upcoming event”.
There are three Russian films included in the main competition – two films in the feature film section: To Feel (2020)by Vitaliy Saltykov and The Conscience (2021) by Alexey Kozlov, and Zarnitsa (2021) by Alena Shevchenko in the short film competition. These titles will be world premiered at the Festival, along with The Dorm by Roman Vasyanov (2021, Spectrum Debut program), The Dream is Gone (2021, Spectrum: Alternatives) by Maria Batova, and Sincerely Yours (2021, Spectrum: Alternatives) by Igor Bagaturia. 
Other sections of the Festival feature:
·     Highlights: Viva La Festival program:
- Doctor Liza (2020) by Oksana Karas
- The Three (2020) by Anna Melikyan
- The North Wind (2021)byRenata Litvinova

·     SIFF Midnight Fantasy program:
-      Ich-Chi (2020) by Kostas Marsaan

·     Spectrum: World Debut program:
-      Dreamover (2021) by Roman Olkhovka
-      Shadow of the Star (2020) by Dmitry Gubarev
-      Tzarevna Scaling (2020) by Uldus Bakhtiozina
-      Masha (2020) by Anastasiya Palchikova

·     Spectrum: Alternatives program:
-      The End (2020) by Vladimir Kott

·     SIFF Documentaries:
-      Life of Ivanna (2021)by Renato Borrayo Serrano(co-production of Russia, Norway, and Finland)

·     SIFF Short Films:
-      The animation project Nestling (2020) by Marat Narimanov