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CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE WINNERS OF THE 37th EDITION OF FLICKERS' RHODE ISLAND FILM FESTIVAL (RIIFF) ROSKINO congratulates the winners of the 37th edition of Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF).‘The Killers’ short meter by Vlad Kozlov starring Franco Nero and Sherilyn Fenn won First prize for Best director."THE KILLERS" (teaser clip) from Dreamer Pictures on Vimeo.A co-production of Germany, Russia and Ukraine ‘Mum’s Hairpins’ by Tatiana Fedorovskaya became the winner of the First Prize in ‘Best Live Action Short’ nomination.‘Snow above the Earth’ (Requiem For The Tunes Unplayed) by Ilya Belov won Grand Prize for Best music video nomination.The Festival is hosted in Newport and Providence since 1981. A status ofRIIFF-winner is considered to be a prestigious one as since 2002 the Festival is one ofqualifying festivals for the Academy Awards.
RUSSIAN-ITALIAN COPRODUCTION SELFIEMANIA PRESENTED IN CANNES On May 21, 2019, Russian and Italian pavilions at the Cannes International Film Festival and Marche du Film co-organized a press conference of Selfiemania. Italian speakers included general producer Claudio Bucci, director and actress Elisabetta Pellini, while Russia was represented with producer and actor Alexander Zlatopolsky, producer and actress Natalia Cvetkova. Elly Senger-Weiss represented Austria. ROSKINO CEO Katya Mtsitouridze greeted the guests and participants and pointed to the project’s potential and importance of international collaboration between Russia and Italy.Selfiemania consists of seven stories of different genres, linked with a common theme: the incredible influence of selfies on people’s lives. Each segment is tied to one of the mortal sins.The project was initiated by the Italian company STEMO Production, and international partners came on board quite fast. Russia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Austria are participating. A sequel, Selfiemania 2, is already planned with even more countries joining the project: India, China, Greece, and the UK are interested.Russian producers will make two parts of the anthology, in Yekaterinburg (in May 2019) and Moscow, in collaboration with Italian colleagues (Summer 2019). Each segment is no longer than 20 minutes.“I would like to express my gratitude to co-producers from all the participating countries. It is a great opportunity to share experiences and bring something personal into the project. Elisabetta Pellini authored the idea of this large-scale project, and I’m happy that it’s being realized by a brilliant team of producers, directors and actors from all over,” said general producer Claudio Bucci in the beginning.The Yekaterinburg segment will be made on the sin of gluttony. The film’s protagonist is a rock star who visits the city with a gig and goes on a drinking binge. He’s not living up to his own ambition and sees no other way than to break bad. Louis Mandylor and Kirill Alekhin direct. Mandylor, known for Rambo 5, Doom and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, will also play the leading part and compose the score. The cast also includes Russian actors Sergey Dorogov and Sergey Belogolovtsev. Two of the producers and actors are Yekaterinburg natives: Alexander Zlatopolsky and Natalia Tsvetkova.“Our short is titled Fallen Star and tells about alcoholism. It tells a story of a rock star who can’t deal with his dependency. Indulgency to your weaknesses can destroy you from within, and in the end he will realize that he’s not the person he wants to be, understand his in and find a new way,” Natalia Tsvetkova said.“I would like to thank ROSKINO for supporting our project. Two segments will be shot in Russia, and one of those in our home city, Yekaterinburg, which makes me twice as happy,” Alexander Zlatopolsky added.A segment about envy will be shot in Moscow, directed by Francesco Colangelo. Russian actor Alexey Vorobyov and Italian actress Caterina Murino (The Corsican File, Casino Royale) will lead the cast. The story is centered around Yana, a popular travel blogger who has been around the world but comes back to Moscow to tell her subscribers about the way the capital has changed in her absence. The events take an unexpected turn when she meets Emilia, an influential businesswoman from Italy, and her boyfriend Grigory. The collision of their personalities and perspectives will be a challenge for both girls.All participating countries will hold several promo events together: parties and press conferences as well as the biggest selfie in history for the Guinness Book of Records. Premieres are planned in Moscow, Rome, Barcelona, Vienna and Lisbon.Additional information:ROSKINO Press OfficeAndrei Kartashov+7 921 326 22 95andy.kartashov@gmail.comNatalia Adamova+7 926 222 68
BLITZ FILMS PRESENTED NEW PROJECTS AT THE RUSSIAN PAVILION IN CANNES On May 21, 2019, the Russian Pavilion at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival and Marche du Film organized a showcase of Sergey Sarkisov’s production company Blitz Films. Producers Mikhail Makharadze and Alexander Zhizhnevsky presented the company’s new projects: narrative features To Paris! and Show Me What You Got, animated movie Fixies vs Crabots, and a documentary on Charles Aznavour, Charles. Un Regard Certain. The session was moderated by Andrei Plakhov, film critic, honorary president of FIPRESCI.Feature film To Paris! is the directorial debut of Sergey Sarkisov who also produced. Co-producers are Alexander Zhizhnevsky, Rustam Yusipov, Valeria Kolesnik. The film is based on real events as remembered by Alexander Milyukov, Hero of the Soviet Union. The story is centered around Soviet officers who fought together in the Second World War and decided to celebrate victory in Paris. The friends came all the way to Berlin and are now directed to a new life: love and adventures in the dream city.“This is not as much a war movie as a film about people, feelings, about love for life that comes back when the horrors of war are over. The film is cast with brilliant actors, including young, up and coming performers and seasoned, popular stars of Russian film,” says Sergey Sarkisov.Playing on the war slogan To Berliln!, the title promises a peaceful, comedic adventure. The star-studded cast includes Dmitry Pevtsov, Sergey Makovetsky, Renata Litvinova, Mikhail Efremov, Evgeny Stychkin, and others. Stanislav Govorukhin co-wrote the script, which turned out to be his last screenwriting work. The film was shot on location in Poland, Moscow and Kaliningrad region.“Our film isn’t a war drama or an action movie. At the production stage, we were thinking about it in terms of the road movie genre. We wanted to show how euphoria drove people to certain follies and yet it was fueled by positive energy,” said Alexander Zhizhnevsky.Fixies vs Crabot is the second instalment of the popular Fixies franchise. It is headed for Russian release on December 26, 2019. The film is produced by Aeroplan and Blitz Films, supported by the Cinema Foundation of Russia. The first film, Fixies. A Big Secret, was released in 2017 and earned 452 million rubles at the box office. That placed it in the top ten animated Russian films since 2010. The new film’s budget is 1,5 higher than the previous one, at 300 million rubles. The animated film is produced by Georgy Vasiliev, Ilya Popov and Sergey Sarkisov, directed by Vasiliy Bedoshvili and Oleg Uzhinov.“We are positive that with the Fixies movies, we’ll create a niche for animated educational entertainment: this kind of content is not represented at the market at all. Fixies is a very informative cartoon, useful for children,” said Mikhail Makharadze.International co-production Show Me What You Got by Svetlana Cvetko was also showcased. The film is produced by Sergey and Nikolay Sarkisov, Philipp Noyce (Australia) and David Scott Smith (USA), starring Cristina Rambaldi, Neyssan Falahi and Mattia Minasi.“One of our priorities is helping young directors. Our plan is to finance 3 or 4 such films per year, and Svetlana was the first to get support,” Nikolay Sarkisov commented.The film tells a story of three young people who become best friends, fall in love, marry and break up, but not necessarily in that order.“The film presents a story about love, sex and friendship. It’s international, since the characters come from different countries: Italy, France, and the USA. I am grateful to the opportunity that Blitz Films gave me. Nikolay Sarkisov supported my idea right away after hearing the concept,” Svetlana Cvetko said at the event.In the documentary Charles. Un Regard Certain, produced by Charles de Meaux, Mischa Aznavour and Sergey Sarkisov, directed by Marc di Domenico, the viewers will see footage made by the famous French singer, Charles Aznavour. Until recently not many people have known about the performer’s passion for film: he always carried a camera around, filming himself, his loved ones, other great performers.The soundtrack is collected from original recordings from the 1950s and until 2018. The film will feature Aznavour’s hits as well as more obscure songs. The documentary intentionally romanticizes Aznavour’s life to become a novel about life, childhood, travelling, encounters, failures and successes, joy and sadness, bravery, and above all, love. The material included in the film is exclusive and was presented for the first time to the pavilion’s guests.Additional information:ROSKINO Press OfficeAndrei Kartashov+7 921 326 22 95andy.kartashov@gmail.comNatalia Adamova+7 926 222 68
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