Any concept presented to a viewer indirectly, allegorically and correctly interpreted by him is closer and dearer to the viewer because it involves his own creativity» Andrey Tarkovsky


RUSSIAN PRESENCE AT THE MIPTV 2019 MARKET IN CANNES (April 8-11, 2019) MIPTV, one of the world’s largest media content markets, is taking place in Cannes from 8 to 11 April, 2019. The global event attracts over 10 thousand registered participants from 105 countries, notably industry professionals in TV, digital, multimedia, mobile content, and technologies. MIPTV is an industry initiative aimed at major studios, productions and distributors, broadcasting partners, advertising agencies, filmmakers and telecom operators, well over 3500 buyers in total.The TV market format allows all the participants to follow most of the events online through live streams and the authorized smartphone app. Registered participants can hold individual negotiations with selected buyers.One of the MIPTV highlights is the In Development content co-production forum bringing industry professionals and filmmakers together to explore new ideas and projects available for co-production at early stages of development. The In Development Kids section includes a pitching of TV shows and animation projects targeting 3-6 year old audiences. The CEO of CTC Kids Lev Makarov is joining this year’s Pre-School Animation Pitch jury.The industrial program also includes the MIPDrama Buyers Summit and a conference with a dedicated panel on 4K and 8K Ultra HD formats in Russia. The MIPFormats section addresses specialized TV formats unique to several countries while MIPDOC targets sellers and buyers of documentary content.The Canneseries international series festival is held in parallel from April 5 to April 10. For the first time in MIPTV history, the competition line-up includes a Russian title, The Outbreak by Pavel Kostomarov, a TNT Premier Studios production. It is a gritty family drama set against a global disaster, an unknown virus that is wreaking havoc in Moscow and turning it into a city of the dead. The project will be presented by the two producers, Valeriy Fedorovich and Evgeniy Nikishov, the two female leads, Victoria Isakova and Maryana Spivak and the screenwriter Roman Kantor.RUSSIAN COMPANIES AT THE ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide UMBRELLA STANDROSKINO endorsed by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Export Center supports the participation of diverse Russian companies. The 2019 edition of MIPTV is dedicated to Pushing Boundaries. The Russian participants follow the lead by setting up four platforms instead of one. Firstly, there are two ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide umbrella stands carrying Russian Export Center’s Made in Russia brand. These host 15 content providers, including Central Partnership, Russian World Vision, Wizart Animation, Soyuzmultfilm Studio, Igmar Productions, X-Media Digital, SeneMedia, and a number of others. The line-up features over 30 titles of films and series, TV and animation projects, as well as a showcase of updated information on Russian film industry. Riki Group and Signal Media have opted for standalone booths.Katya Mtsitouridze, Roskino CEO‘This year the expanded Russian presence is especially visible amid the protests against the exorbitant prices of MIPTV stands and advertisement that led to a full boycott of the market by Disney, Fox, BBC, Endemol, and other US and UK majors. There are at total of four stands co-organized by us and the Russian Export Center as well as several separate booths set up by Sovtelexport, the distributor of Russia TV and Radio content, NTV, Star Media, and a number of others. I think we should actually be getting a discount because raising prices in the middle of a globally volatile situation makes participation impossible for many excellent professionals and industry players and prevents discoveries of upcoming talents. As for the Russian participants, they come to Cannes for new trends and networking as much as for selling the existing content. We congratulate our TV3 colleagues who are launching The Outbreak produced by TNT Premier Studios. In spite of all the complications we hope to keep up the standards both for our regular partners and the market newcomers.’The Cannes slate of Wizart Animation features the latest instalment of the blockbusting Snow Queen franchise, Keepers of Wonders by Alexey Zamyslov, as well as the well-established Yoko that is getting new episode and a spin-off with the familiar characters in 2019. Along with TV content the studio showcases new feature animation projects: an adaptation of Alexander Pushkin’s Ruslan and Lyudmila and Hansel and Gretel after the brothers Grimm. The latter titles are currently in production and potential co- production partners will be able to see some of the available footage.Central Partnership is showcasing the company’s entire film, TV and animation portfolio. The latest additions are Billion by Roman Prygunov and Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest by Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy.Caterina Pshenitsyna, CP international sales director:‘Our company is a regular at the MIPTV market. The wide range of out titles includes a selection of national box office leaders, top quality series such as Gogol, a TV3 production, and feature animations such as The Fixies franchise. Billion, the action thriller starring Vladimir Mashkov, has generated a lot of interest among European buyers already in the run-up to the market. Our international partners know the actor well for his performance in The Crew, a blockbusting thriller that sold all over the world.’Soyuzmultfilm studio is promoting the new Prostokvashino action comedy directed by Mikhail Soloshenko, Evgeniya Zhirkova and Anna Kuzina, a follow-up of the legendary trilogy of the 1980’s. The Pirate School by Alexey Lebedev and Dzhangir Suleimanov is bound to win over pirate fans of all ages. Petya and Wolf by Alexey Lebedev is an animated sitcom narrating the adventures of a city boy and his imaginary friend the Wolf, on a visit from a parallel universe inhabited by fairytale characters.Yuliana Slascheva, Soyuzmultfilm Chairman of the Board:‘Soyuzmultfilm Studio is showcasing the flagship series, Prostokvashino, along with two recent projects targeting teenagers, The Pirate School and Petya and Wolf. On top of that, the offer includes a full range of Soyuzmultfilm products, from stop-motion Hoffmaniada to award-winning animated shorts: Vivat Musketeers by Anton Dyakov, Moroshka by Polina Minchenok, Two Trams by Svetlana Andrianova, and many more.’RUSSIAN WORLD VISION is launching Convoy 48 by Fedor Popov, a thriller based on a true WWII story unfolding during the siege of Leningrad. The RWS slate also includes the family fantasy The House Elf by Evgeniy Bedarev, Tigran Saakyan’s thriller Break, and Tankers, a war drama by Konstantin Maximov. Pre-sales are going on for two projects in development, The Forest by Evgeniy Puzirevskiy and The Locked Door by Arseniy Syukhin. The portfolio also includes The BIg Deal by Mikhail Raskhodnikov, Follow Your Dream by Antonina Ruzhe, All or Nothing by Dmitry Suvorov, Pain Threshold by Andrey Simonov, and Spitak by Alexander Kott.Igmar Productions is showcasing Contribution, a period thriller by Sergey Snezhkin, A Girl with a Scythe, a comedy by Olga Popova, and The Cry of Silence, a period drama by Vladimir Potapov.The 100 KiloWatt studio is focusing on two animation projects, Eager Beaver by Alexey Lukyanchikov and Homies by Victor Azeev, along with the kids documentary show Microstories created by Julia Koroleva.Elena Malenkina, 100 KiloWatt Producer-in-Chief:‘Our studio creates animation series and kids shows. Therefore, MIPTV is the key industry event for 100 KiloWatt. We have first launched our projects in Cannes last fall and hope to be finalizing our first deals in the spring. I am especially happy to see that the perfectly organized Roskino stand has our TV shows appreciated as well as the animation. Microstories, our factual entertainment series, has just been sold to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, Turkey, and a number of other territories while Homies and Eager Beaver are getting a Chinese release already this year.’Digital LLC is launching two new projects, Trailblazers by Konstantin Shchekin, and Thick Armor, a wartime thriller by Yuri Leizerov.Valeria Dobrolyubova, Digital LLC sales director:‘We appreciate the chance to return to Cannes to take part in this intense and thrilling industrial event. And we are happy to join the Roskino stand at the MIPTV market which is the key European platform for the international promotion of TV content. We hope to make our partners happy with our quality storytelling and inventive imagery, hallmark of the Russian animation school.’The slate of AA Studio features Rabbit’s 10, an animated series with talking animals by Svyatoslav Ushakov and Vladimir Sakov, Trains by Alexey Kotenochkin, the new Woof-Meow series by Alexey Kotenochkin, The Princess and the Dragon by Vasiliy Rovenskiy, and Squad Go Wild by Igor Veyshtagin.SeneMedia is focusing on two projects. The first one, Milkformadness, is the latest feature drama by Sergey Kavtaradze exploring the collective unconscious and archetypal patterns of war through the story of an Afghan veteran with aggression issues, a phenomenon that dates back to the dawn of civilization. The second one is Blank Page, Aina Meredova’s documentary on the colourful life of the Russian tundra seen through the eyes of young Grisha, a nomad poet who is keeping a diary of his wanderings. The protagonist died in an accident soon after film was made so the director published a book of his selected poems.The brand4rent agency is resuming the negotiations initiated at MIPCOM, presenting new projects, and studying co-production options. The sales slate includes three Soyuzmultfilm projects: Orange Moo-Cow by Maria Koneva and Irina Elshanskaya, Claymotions Figurines by Sergey Merinov, and Captain Kraken by Artur Merkulov along with Cosmi Academy, a White Ball Studio production, and Monsikids created by Riki Group.Signal Media offers both animated and documentary content. Cutie Cubies, Fantasy Patrol, and Heroes of Envell target kids while Planet of the Horses, Guide to the Universe and Not Necessarily are factual entertainment series for all ages.The Riki Group MIPTV slate includes a wide range of in-house products: BabyRiki, KikoRiki, PINCODE, Tina & Tony, and Tommy the Little Dragon. Some of the titles currently in development are the animated series Liry & Taya, The Kameleons, Weatherville, Beardy Bodo, The Question Club, Christmas Academy, Forest Keepers, Above the Ceiling, and The Amazing Spoilers.The ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide stands co-organized by REC and carrying the Made in Russia brand also offer promo materials of Sovtelexport, the official distributor of Russia Television and Radio content. The line-up of the company includes the new season of the period drama Godunov that ranked number one in Russia in 2018. The story is set in the 16th century Moscovia, narrating the fortunes and downfalls of the Godunov family as they unfold after the times of Ivan the Terrible. The compelling story,multidimensional characters and star actors contribute to making this historical drama relevant and appealing for today’s audiences.The criminal drama Blackout is another highlight of the Sovtelexport portfolio, an adaptation of a recent bestseller, a sharp commentary on one of the most controversial periods of Russian history, the 1990’s, when the whole country collapsed in a day. War heroes and common folks had to make hard choices between good and evil in order to survive. Intense drama, high suspense, unexpected twists and fascinating protagonists make the series a true gem.The new feature drama Two Tickets Home offers a contemporary take on the eternal conflict between parents and children. It is centered on two strong characters and two irreconcilable forces. Finally, they need to make a choice between burning anger and forgiveness. A compelling thriller-mystery plot captures the attention of the audiences immediately and leads on to a genuine catharsis.
OUTCOMES OF FILMART 2019 FOR THE RUSSIAN FILMMAKERS (Hong Kong, March 18-21, 2019) The 23rd edition of the largest film and entertainment marketplace in Asia, FILMART, or Hong Kong International Film & TV market, took place on March 18-21, 2019. According to the estimates of the organizers, in 4 days it was attended by over 9000 international buyers.The program of 60 events aimed at industry professionals included panel discussions, premiere screenings, and 14 thematic seminars attended by over 3.000 participants. The list of keynote speakers featured 60 leading experts in film, TV, animation, and other industry sectors. The line-up of 300 screenings included over 100 world premieres.The 17th edition of the Hong Kong Asia FIlm Financing Forum (HAF) was also a success. The Forum, one of the key funding platforms of Asia, is considered the central event of the market. This year’s line-up featured 42 projects, including the 19 projects of the Work-in-Progress (WIP) lab. The initiative offers an excellent opportunity to match filmmakers with post-production funds, sales agents and film festival supports. The 2019 edition introduced a special section for documentary projects.This year’s 10 feature submissions at WIP included a Russian title, The Shooter by Petr Levchenko produced by Katia Filippova of Atlantic Film, the person behind the award- winning The Man Who Surprised Everyone by Natalya Merkulova and Alexey Chupov.Katia Filippova, The Shooter producer:‘Our new project, The Shooter, is a compelling social drama. The true story of the man who shot 4 people in the town of Krasnogorsk is just the ground of the narrative framework, a chance to raise issues that are relevant for any society – family ties and betrayal, power and money, moral principles. All of them are examined in the light of real- life events. The film stars Yuri Tsurilo and Mikhail Gomiashvili. The directorial debut of Petr Levchenko has been lensed by Yevgeni Rodin known for his work in The Calendar by Igor Poplaukhin, winner of the Cannes Cinéfondation award of 2018’.RUSSIAN COMPANIES AT THE UMBRELLA STAND ROSKINO – Russian Cinema WorldwideROSKINO supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation has traditionally set up the umbrella ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide stand showcasing the latest film and animation projects as well as updated information on the state of the Russian film industry. The list of 25 participants included All Media Company, Wizart Animation, Art Pictures Studio, Planeta Inform Group, Riki Group, and a number of others.Katya Mtsitouridze, ROSKINO CEO:‘This year’s edition of FILMART has been a great success for the Russian companies that showcased their new projects to the buyers of Asian and other regions. There are plenty of nice deals. The two animation studios, Riki Group and Wizart, were leading the market. Their top-quality products, from the iconic Kikoriki and The Snow Queen to the latest inventions, have been sold to dozens of territories around the world. Planet Inform’s horror range was also much in demand, which means that the trend for Russian horrors registered at the AFM in the fall is still relevant. Negotiations that began in Hong Kong will hopefully ripen into deals to be finalized at the upcoming Marché du Film in Cannes.’All Media Company has productively showcased the war thriller Saving Leningrad by Alexey Kozlov along with The Conquest of Siberia, Igor Zaytsev’s epic tale of the times of Peter the Great, and The Superfamily 2, a family comedy by Dmitry Dyachenko.Zhanna Shakhshaeva, All Media Head of international Department:‘Filmart 2019 was intensive and productive for our company. Asian buyers paid a lot of attention to the war thriller Saving Leningrad as well as The Conquest of Siberia eastern and The Superfamily 2 comedy. Negotiations are open to sell the rights for China, Taiwan, India, and a number of other Asian territories.Saving Leningrad has already been acquired by distributors from Germany, Korea, the US, Canada, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the UAE. The Conquest of Siberia will be released in Korea, the former Yugoslavian countries, the UAE, Cyprus, North America, and the UK. The Superfamily 2 has been sold to Germany, the UAE, and Cyprus. On top of that, the format has been sold to China.’The Hong Kong slate of Wizart, one of the leading Russian animation companies, was headlined by The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands by Robert Lence and Alexey Tsitsilin, the fourth instalment of the topmost international box office hit in the records of Russian independent animation. Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal by Mikhail Babenko was also a success. International sales proceeded for Fantastic Return to Oz, the newest chapter of the Oz saga.Yuri Moskvin, Wizart Managing Producer:‘Asia is a key region, one of the best markets for Russian animation at the moment. Wizart projects have already shown great results in China and Korea, and our next Japanese release is coming soon. At Filmart, we focused on the new instalments of two franchises, The Snow Queen and Sheep and Wolves. We have discussed them with existing and potential partners from Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Korea. We have also shown the newest footage of Fantastic Return to Oz, a title that had entered the market in Berlin earlier this year. The buyers were intrigued by our Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders recent series. The Hong Kong negotiations will be carried on at the ROSKINO stand at MIPTV next month.’Art Pictures Studio presented two recent Vodorod Pictures co-productions: Fedor Konyukhov, a biopic of the famous Russian explorer focusing on his solo air balloon voyage around the world in 2016, and Attraction 2, the second part of the sci fi thriller by Fedor Bondarchuk. In addition, the Filmart line-up featured Sputnik by Egor Abramenko, a co-production with Vodorod Pictures and Hype Film. Some interesting offers have already been made, and the studio hopes to close several deals at the Marché du Film in May, 2019.Planeta Inform has unveiled Queen of Spades: The Looking Glass, the new thriller produced by Konstantin Buslov with Dmitry Litvinov and Vladislav Severtsev. The buyers were very enthusiastic about the project as well as the key art and promo materials. Themarket allowed to open negotiations with distributors from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, India, and several countries of Southeast Asia, including Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia.The Dawn by Pavel Sidorov produced by Dmitry Litvinov and Vladislav Severtsev has also enjoyed its share of attention. Rights have been sold to three key territories, namely China, the Philippines, and Indonesia. In addition to the horrors, the line-up included new episodes of two already acknowledged projects, Coma and Robo, slated for national release in the end of 2019.Riki Group focused on two feature titles by Denis Chernov, My Toy Panda and Our Friend Finnick. The first of the 3D family animations is currently in production and the second one in development. The TV catalogue featured several animated series: BabyRiki, Kikoriki, PINCODE, Tina & Tony by Elena Chernova and Andrey Bakhurin, and Tommy the Little Dragon by Marina Moshkova. The studio also unveiled several animated series still in development: Liry & Taya by Elena Chernova, The Kameleons, Sky Workshop, Fanny & Plume, Beardy Bodo by Vladimir Sakhnovsky, The Snow Academy by Denis Chernov and Tatyana Belova, and Amazing Spoils directed by Leonid Shmelkov and Alexandra McGuinness.Diana Yurinova, Riki Group VP for International Development:‘We see Filmart as one of the key markets since our brands have a strong background in Asia. Kikoriki is being broadcast in Hong Kong and mainland China since 2011, BabyRiki and Pincode have landed here in 2017, and Tina & Tony has been viewed over 1 billion times at the YouKu streaming platform.What makes Filmart so special is that the market is attended both by feature film distributors, TV executives, and VOD platform representatives. Therefore, we are able to showcase our whole range, from feature animations such as My Toy Panda and Our Friend Finnick, to animated series including Tina & Tony, Tommy the Little Dragon, Sky Workshop, Question Club, The Kameleons, Liry & Taya, Fanny & Plume, The Snow Academy. At the previous edition of the market we have closed the deal on our Kikoriki feature franchise with a Chinese theatrical distributor and signed a partnership agreement with Alibaba Culture Communication. In June, 2019 we are launching Panda and Krash, a co-production with CCTV Kids. So, this year our time at the Roskino – Russian Cinema Worldwide umbrella stand in Hong Kong was fruitful as well.’More info:Natalia AdamovaRoskino Press Relations+7 926 222 68
RUSSIAN PRESENCE AT FILMART 2019 HONG KONG, MARCH 18-21 The 23rd edition of the largest film and entertainment marketplace in Asia, FILMART, or Hong Kong International Film & TV market, is taking place on March 18-21, 2019. Over 850 companies from 35 countries participated in FILMART 2018 attended by 8700 buyers from the US, the UK, Canada, Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, and most importantly China itself.  The central event of the market is the Hong Kong Asia FIlm Financing Forum (HAF) that is held for the 17th time. Producers, investors, and distributors come to discuss possibilities of international cooperation. 23 projects from around the world have been shortlisted for the Forum. Last year’s lineup featured two Russian titles, Far Frontiers by Maxim Dashkin and Jealousy by Nigina Sayfullaeva.  The HAF program also includes Work in Progress labs. In the 2018 edition there were three projects from Russia: Ayka by Sergey Dvorstevoy, The Pencil by Natalya Nazarova, and The Man Who Surprised Everyone by Natalya Merkulova and Alexey Chupov. This year’s 10 feature submissions includeThe Shooter by Petr Levchenko produced by Katia Filippova of Atlantic Film, the person behind last year’s success of The Man Who Surprised Everyone. The Shooter is based on the true story of the man who shot 4 people in the town of Krasnogorsk in October, 2015. The film stars YuriyTsuriloand Mikhail Gomiashvili.  The Hong Kong Animation & Digital Entertainment pavilion is dedicated entirely to digital companies and animation split into three thematic sections: digital effects, animation, and interactive solutions. The participants showcase state-of-the-art digital production technologies, CGI effects, post production solutions, smartphone applications, games, multimedia design, and virtual reality inventions.  In total the FILMART program includes over 60 special events for industry professionals. During 14 thematic seminars over 50 top industry professionals will share their experiences with market participants. The lineup features more than 100 world premiers.                  RUSSIAN COMPANIES AT THE UMBRELLA STAND                                ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide The latest Russian film and animation specialties are showcased at the ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide umbrella stand along with comprehensive information on the state of the Russian film industry. Roskino supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation sets up the joint representation already for the 5th time. The list of 25 Russian studios includes All Media Company, Wizart Animation, Art Pictures Studio, Planeta Inform Group, Riki Group, and a number of others.  Katya Mtsitouridze, Roskino CEO: ‘We included the Hong Kong event in the market circuit of Russian film and TV content producers 5 years ago. Before that very few people considered it worthwhile to undertake systematic efforts for Asian territories. We gave two tries to the big market in Busan but unfortunately it corresponds with the MIPCOM TV content market in Cannes, and the Russian exhibitors opted for the European platform. Therefore in order to promote our projects in Asia we decided to focus on Hong Kong, especially since the lineup combines film, TV, and digital content in every available format. China is a dream market for any national content provider, and it offers the Russian companies the precious chance to get back the money spent on big releases that have not succeeded in the national box office. Our aspiring producers, especially the ones working with independent projects, should take a closer look at the Film Financing Forum and the WIP lab for co-productions. The Man Who Surprised Everyone was taken up in Hong Kong last year and eventually got an award in Venice. This year the producers return with a new project. The Asian market requires a systematic effort. We are thinking of getting a stand in Singapore next. Personal contacts between content providers and buyers have an incredible impact on the future sales.’ All Media Company is showcasing the war thriller Saving Leningrad by Alexey Kozlov along with The Conquest of Siberia, Igor Zaytsev’s epic tale of the times of Peter the Great, and The Superfamily 2, a family comedy by Dmitry Dyachenko.  Zhanna Shakhshaeva, All Media Head of international Department:Saving Leningrad has already been acquired by distributors from Korea, the US, Canada, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the UAE. In Germany both this thriller and The Conquest of Siberia are getting theatrical releases. The latter title will also be released in Korea, the former Yugoslavian countries, the UAE, Cyprus, North America, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Monaco. The Superfamily 2 will be shown in Germany, the UAE, Cyprus, and China. We hope to keep up the good work at the ROSKINO - Russian Cinema Worldwide stand at Filmart and succeed in selling these projects to more new territories.’ The Wizart Animation  Hong Kong slate is headlined by The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands by Robert Lence and Alexey Tsitsilin, the fourth instalment of the topmost international box office hit in the records of Russian independent animation. The portfolio also includes Fantastic Return to Ozand Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal by Mikhail Babenko. The Wizart team intends to negotiate with buyers from China, India, Korea, and other players of the Asian market.  Yuri Moskvin, Wizart Managing Producer: ‘We are hoping for a productive time in Hong Kong. Last year The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice scooped a Russian record-breaking $12 mln in China. As a consequence, the Asian buyers began to take a keener interest in our titles. The release of the fourth instalment of the franchise is slated for April, so we are coming to the market in the run-up to a big release expected by many companies in Southeast Asia. We are happy to keep working with Roskino at the Russian umbrella stand.’ Art Pictures Studio is showcasing Fedor Konyukhov,a new project by Fedor Bondarchuk in co-production with Vodorod Pictures, a biopic of the famous Russian explorer focusing on his solo air balloon voyage around the world in 2016. The two other important titles are Attraction 2, the second part of the sci fi thriller by the same Bondarchuk, and Sputnik by Egor Abramenko, a co-production with Vodorod Pictures and Hype Film.  Planeta Inform Groupis going to introduce the Asian audiences to The Dawn, a horror by Pavel Sidorov released in Russia in January 2019. The first market screening took place at the EFM in Berlin. In addition, the lineup includes a new episode of Coma and the first available footage of Robo.  Riki Groupis focusing on two 3D family animations by Denis Chernov, My Toy Panda, currently in production, and Our Friend Finnick, currently in development. The TV catalogue of Riki Group features several animated series: BabyRiki, Kikoriki, PINCODE,Tina & Tonyby Elena Chernova and Andrey Bakhurin, and Tommy the Little Dragonby Marina Moshkova.  The studio is also going to showcase several animated series still in development: Liry & Taya by Elena Chernova, The Kameleons, Sky Workshop, Fanny & Plume, Beardy Bodo by Vladimir Sakhnovsky, The Snow Academy by Denis Chernov and Tatyana Belova, and Amazing Spoils directed by Leonid Shmelkov and Alexandra McGuinness. More info: Natalia Adamova Roskino Press Relations +7 926 222 68
OUTCOMES OF THE 69th BERLINALE AND EFM FOR THE RUSSIAN FILMMAKERS The 69thedition of the Berlin International Film Festival and the European Film Market unfolded from February 7 to 17, 2019. Roskino supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation brought new Russian productions to the ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worlwide umbrella stand in partnership with the Russian Export Center and its Made in Russia brand.  Katya Mtsitouridze, ROSKINO CEO:‘’This year’s edition of the Berlinale was most fruitful for Russia both in terms of the festival program and the market results. The first films of two gifted directors, Alexander Gorchilin and Alexander Zolotukhin, were welcomed by the industry professionals. The reaction of the audience was of particular relevance to us because ROSKINO promoted both titles and supported the festival participation financially. We are also happy with the outcomes of the ROSKINO –  Russian Cinema Worldwide umbrella stand that this time enjoyed the support of the Russian  Export Center and its Made in Russia brand. The daily visitor traffic reached 600 people per day. Russian content attracted both regular partners and new buyers engaged through promotional materials distributed throughout the market. It has been our 8th time at the EFM, and the stability of our partnership allows us to work on special terms and get additional promo opportunities. Russian companies are are happy with their sales. The total estimate is nearly $2 mln. In some cases the volumes for a single territory are not so impressive but as soon as the number of territories covered reaches 10 or more, the returns grow significantly. Some films fail to pay off domestically, so international sales offer a chance to cover at least some part of the production costs. Global box-office success enjoyed by the hits of the calibre of T-34 or Three seconds is a rare phenomenon. In any case, we are thrilled with the beginning of our cooperation with the Russian Export Center and satisfied with the outcomes of the special industry event we co-organized. Amid the political tensions and sanctions Russia deserves to be well represented internationally. Our work during the global film and TV content markets is a manifestation of the proverbial soft power”.  Vera Podguzova, REC Director for External Communications:‘During the past decade, from 2008 to 2018, the global annual turnover of creative industries and services has more than doubled. Culture and creative industries are key drivers of advanced and developing economies, and they are among the fastest growing global sectors as well. In 2017 the Russian Export Center launched an awareness-raising campaign to promote the audio and video content production industry, including animation, TV, and film studios. The Russian Export Center has supported the presentation of several new projects, notably the premiere of Trotsky mini-series co-produced by Channel One and Sreda Productions as well as the Heroes of Envell animated series by 0+ Media. There are support options both for market leaders such as Art Pictures and Central Partnership, and upcoming ventures.The government institutions should contribute to the export potential of the national creative industries. Therefore, the  REC-ROSKINO partnership is a new and completely logical step towards the promotion and support of the national industry. We are very excited to join forces with a company that has an experience of over a century of national film promotion.’’  The festival line-up featured two first films from Russia. Acid, the directorial debut of Alexander Gorchilin, one of the stars of the Moscow Gogol Center theatre, was successfully screened in the Panorama section to a complete sold out. The reflection on today’s youth produced by Studio Slon attracted buyers from Germany, Japan, Poland, Greece, and the Baltic states.  Sabina Eremeeva, Acid producer:‘We have a good feeling about the Berlinale. All the screenings were fully sold out and the audience responded very well. The Q&A sessions showed that people were relating to the film and the problems Acid touched upon were relevant for the European public, however different they may seem from us. As producer I attached a lot of importance to the screening of the international trailer during the special ROSKINO-REC event and the overall market program. The promotional efforts of Katya Mtsitouridze added up to the campaign organized by WIDE Management, the agency responsible for our global sales. All in all, the film was hard to miss. We have already sold the rights for Japan, Germany, Poland, Greece, and the Baltic countries. Some of the deals are still being negotiated. But I am sure this is just the beginning, and a long round of festivals and theatrical releases lie ahead. As for Alexander Gorchilin, the director, he has been invited to join the European FIlm Academy after his very first film which is already an achievement’.  The world premiere of the other first film, A Russian Youth by Alexander Zolotukhin, a student of Alexander Sokurov, took place in the Forum section to a general acclaim. A Russian Youth is a Lenfilm Studio production endorsed by Sokurov’s non-commercial fund Example of Intonation. Zolotukhin’s story explores some of the little-known facts about WWI. Alexander Zolotukhin, A Russian Youth director‘On the one hand, the film looks at the ways the national character works in the dramatic circumstances of a certain period. The events of the WWI that started off the series of  disasters of the 20th century in Russia and the rest of Europe are an exciting background for the exploration of individual characters of that time. That generation had to face many hardships for 30 years in a row. They were fighting and suffering for most of their life, ever since they grew up. The idea was to see what they were like, to watch their personalities, to see how patient, kind, and sympathetic they were. On the other hand we focuses on the war as it was and the behaviour it provoked in people. But we intentionally avoided mentioning individual cities or battles in order not to lead the attention of the audience astray.’; Eduard Pichugin, Lenfilm CEO‘’They say producers should get additional hazard allowances for working with first films. In a way it is true because aspiring directors put very big stakes on their debut: they have to make a statement and a name for themselves. So they try very hard. Alexander Zolotukhin’s master Alexander Sokurov was present on the set almost daily. He contributed a lot and came up with many suggestions but he never offered ready-made solutions, just the wise guidance of a genuine mentor. This is the reason why he set up the ‘Example of Intonation’ foundation in the first place. Lenfilm studios often work with this organization. We enjoy offering our sets and equipment for the first films of young talented directors, student of the great master Alexander Sokurov.’’  ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide umbrella stand Over 25 Russian companies showcased their portfolios ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide umbrella stand at the EFM, notably Central Partnership, Wizart Animation, Art Pictures Studio, Mosfilm Studios, All Media Company, Mars Media, Mirsand, Russian World Vision, Planeta Inform Group, Riki Group, Igmar, tvzavr, and a number of others. Over 40 new projects were presented at the market along with the updated version of the DOORS to Russian Cinema catalogue.  Central Partnership concentrated on two flagship projects. The first one was Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest by Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy, a joint venture of Non-Stop Production by Alexander Rodnyansky and Sergey Melkumov, QS Films by Ivan Kapitonov and Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy whose portfolio includes several international box office hits of the calibre of The Mermaid. Lake of the Dead, Queen of Spades: the Dark Rite, and The Bride, and finally Central Partnership endorsed by the national Cinema Foundation. The second one was Billion by Roman Prygunov, a CP and RSS Production co-production slated for national release on April 18, 2019, to be simultaneously launched in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Caterina Pshenitsyna, CP international sales director: ‘The European FIlm Market turned out very intense and productive for our company. On top of the wide international acclaim of Mermaid. Lake of the Dead, international buyers and distributors are still excited about our most recent title, Baba Yaga. Terror of the Dark Forest by Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy. European buyers took a great interest to Billion, the action thriller by Roman Prygunov, especially when we demonstrated the very first promo materials. Information on the EFM deals will follow shortly.’ The All Media Company EFM lineup included the new war thriller Saving Leningrad by Alexey Kozlov, The Conquest of Siberia, Igor Zaytsev’s epic tale of the times of Peter the Great, and The Superfamily 2, a family comedy by Dmitry Dyachenko.  Zhanna Shakhshaeva, All Media Head of international Department:‘Saving Leningrad has been bought by distributors from Korea, North America (both the US and Canada), the UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the UAE. In Germany the film is getting a theatrical release. As for The Conquest of Siberia, it will be released in Korea, Germany, ex Yugoslavia, the UAE, Cyprus, Canada, the US, and the UK.  The Superfamily is sold to Germany, the UAE, and Cyprus.  Chinese buyers loved the comedy so much they are going to make a localized adaptation. We are quite happy with the EFM results of this year. At the ROSKINO stand we have enjoyed and intensive program and held lots of meetings with our regular international partners that enquire after new content at every market.’ Art Pictures Studio focused on Attraction 2  by Fedor Bondarchuk, an Art Pictures Studio and Vodorod Pictures co-production that proved a very attractive title. Rights were sold to one of the major French TV holdings, AB Group, as well as the Italian distributor Blue Swan. Exciting offers have been made for Yegor Abramenko’s fantastic horror Sputnik, an Art Pictures Studio, Vodorod Pictures and Hype Film co-production that has recently wrapped principal photography in Moscow.   The Wizart Animation Berlinale slate was headlined by The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands, the fourth instalment of the topmost international box office hit in the records of Russian independent animation. The film has been produced by Yuri Moskvin, Vladimir Nikolaev, Boris Mashkovtsev, Pavel Stepanov, and Vadim Vereshchagin. Soyuzmultfilm studios, Central Partnership, and the Chinese HY Media also took part in the project. The Wizart portfolio also included Fantastic Return to Oz and Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal.  Yuri Moskvin, Wizart managing producer:  ‘Wizart Animation had a great time working at the ROSKINO-REC umbrella stand. We were also happy to introduce our global colleagues to our work in progress during the Russian content exporters showcase branded Made in Russia. Our recent releases, The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands and Pig Deal have found distributors in Israel, Turkey, Australia, and New Zealand. The successful Chinese release last year has ensured the interest of Asian distributors. Our Snow Queen is to debut in Indonesia with the biggest distributor of the territory, CGV Indonesia, a branch of the Korean chain CJ CGV Co. We have already had a positive experience with their affiliate in Vietnam, Blue Lantern LLC. The previous instalment of the franchise, The Snow Queen 2, is getting a Japanese release in 2019. It has also been acquired by the Canadian theatrical distributor Cinemas Guzzo. We have had several series of negotiations with our Canadian colleagues because of the traditional difficulties our content is facing on that market. However, the North American release is enormously important to us and I hope it goes well. We have also screened Fantastic Return to Oz for the international buyers for the very first time. The previous instalment, Legends of Oz, had got theatrical releases in China, Korea, Latin America, Germany, the UK and a number of other countries. We are setting our hopes high for the new instalment as well.’  Mars Media focused on T-34, a WWII action thriller by Alexey Sidorov, one of the recent headliners of the national box office. The plot centers on the clash between two tank aces, the German Hauptmann Yager and the Junior Lieutenant Ivushkin who has managed to escape from Nazi captivity.  Mila Rozanova, International Sales and Co-Productions Manager, Mars Media‘Same as last year, we shared the ROSKINO stand at the Gropius Bau. There was a steady flow of international buyers, both new and well known. We focused on the sales of T-34, finalizing deals with France, the US and Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Latin America. The remaining territories will be covered in the follow-up of the industrial screening in Berlin. For the rest, we are looking forward to Cannes where we are going to bring lots of new material.’ Mosfilm Studios showcased  Decision: Liquidation, a recent true-story-based thriller by Alexander Aravin focusing on one of the most dramatic chapters of Russia’s recent history. The film follows the vicissitudes of an elaborate intelligence operation planned to destroy the guerilla leader Shamil Basayev. The script is based on the reports and records of some of the actual participants. Sales of Karen Shakhnazarov’s period drama Anna Karenina: Vronsky’s Story, a loose adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and Vikenty Veresaev’s In The War, also carried on during the market.  Elena Orel, Mosfilm International Relations and Distributions Director:‘Just as always, the ROSKINO stand excelled in organization. The space was well designed, the promo materials were everywhere, the team was super helpful and friendly. Getting things done in such an atmosphere is nice and easy. In the follow-up of the market we hope to close the deals for several remaining territories concerning both Anna Karenina: Vronsky’s Story and Decision: Liquidation. We have also received a number of offers that had to do with the recently restored golden classics, one more proof of the fact that the Mosfilm library has a timeless value.’ Planeta Inform Group showcased The Dawn, a new horror by Pavel Sidorov starring Oksana Akinshina. The latest production of the duo behind the international success of The Bride, Dmitry Litvinov and Vladislav Severtsev.  Anastasia Bankovskaya, Planeta Inform International Sales Director‘We have a long tradition of participating in the EFM, and we enjoyed working at the ROSKINO Made in Russia stand. Our lineup was headlined by The Dawn, the second thriller by the box-office-winning team of Dmitry Litvinov and Vladislav Severtsev. The European market premiere produced excellent results. Buyers from Japan, Korea, China, South-East Asia, Germany, France, the UK and the US have confirmed their interest. Among other titles, we have showcased the long-awaited actions, notably Robo and Coma slated for national release in the end of 2019. The 13-minute episode of Coma appealed to buyers from the US, Italy, France, Japan, and Central Europe”. Riki Group is focusing on two feature animations by Denis Chernov, My Toy Panda, an action comedy slated for national release on October 27, 2019, and Our Friend Finnick, a family comedy. Both titles are being negotiated with French, German, Central European, Turkish, Central Asian, Chinese, and Korean companies.  Diana Yurinova, Riki Group VP for International Development:‘We are witnessing a steadily increasing interest towards Russian content. Industry presentations attract a growing number of international producers and distributors interested both in releasing and co-producing our project, the companies working at the ROSKINO umbrella stand get a strong presentation, and the visitor numbers are also growing over the recent years. These positive trends are directly related to the increase in quality of the Russian animation and its international box-office success that attracts new industry partners. We see stable demand from European, Turkish, Israeli, Central Asian, Chinese, and Korean distributors.’ Russian World Vision proceeded with trading their family fantasy The House Elf by Evgeniy Bedarev, already sold to German-speaking territories. The film is slated for national release on April 11, 2019. Buyers from France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, the US, Canada, Latin America, and Turkey have shown substantial interest. The Russian-spoken version may get a release in Germany and other European countries. Pain Threshold by Andrey Simonov attracted buyers from China, Japan, South Korea, and Spain, as well as French- and German-speaking territories. RWV used the market to promote two projects currently in development, The Forest by Evgeny Puzyrevskiy and The Locked Door by Arseny Syukhin. Both titles have already been sold to Vietnam, and negotiations continue for the UK, Japan, South Korea, and Latin America. The RWV portfolio also includes also includes The Big Deal by Mikhail Raskhodnikov, Follow Your Dream by Antonina Ruzhe, All or Nothing by Dmitry Suvorov, and Temporary Difficulties by Mikhail Raskhodnikov, and Gasholder. Klubare, a criminal comedy by Ivan Kursky. Buyers from Eastern Europe and in-flight programmers were interested in all of the listed titles. RWW carried on with the sales of Break, a thriller by Tigran Saakyan released in Russia on February 14, 2019. The German release is slated next, and rights have already been sold to China, South Korea, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Latin America, and Turkey. Konstantin Maximov’s war drama Insuperable has already been sold to Japan, South Korea, the UK, and Scandinavia, as well as German- and French-speaking territories. Negotiations are still going on about distribution in China, Poland, Slovakia, North America, and Latin America.  Mirsand Ltd focused mainly on its recent projects, notably Yolki: Six Degrees of Celebration, the final instalment of a successful franchise by Timur Bekmambetov, Yegor Baranov, Anna Parmas, and Alexander Kott, as well as Dragon,a fantasy by Indar Dgendunbaev, and The Spacewalker by Dmitry Kiselyov.  Valeria Dobrolyubova, Mirsand Ltd Chief Operating Officer:‘The film market in Berlin is a gratifying event in terms of diversity of content offered by Russian participants. EFM is an opportunity to greet our regular partners, inform them about our new project, and look for new content to distribute. We have successfully pursued all of these directionsat the ROSKINO umbrella stand. Negotiations are going on concerning new projects while our regular portfolio is still attracting a steady interest of the international buyers and distributors. We are negotiating with the US and the Czech Repubic on The Spacewalker while Dragon generated a lot of interest in Latin America. Poland, the UK, Germany, Korea and France are among our partners.’ The flagship project by Igmar productions was the historical drama Cry of Silence by Vladimir Potapov, an adaptation of Tamara Tsinberg’s short novel The Seventh Symphony set in wartime Leningrad. Victoria Zhuranova who is responsible for international relations at Igmar acknowledged a keen interest of buyers from many countries. Negotiations are being carried on with several territories.  Tvzavr showcased MoviesChain, one of the first film platforms using blockchain-based technologies to connect independent filmmakers to their audiences. The company considers this resource a revolution in independent distribution that decentralizes and disintermediates the global distribution industry.  Olesya Teplova, tvzavr Vice President for Strategic Communications: ‘In the sensitive political and economic situation we are facing international platforms facilitating the distribution of both independent and mass market projects are of paramount importance. MoviesChain by tvzavr enjoys a unique position on the Russian market. The platform allows content producers to reach global audiences and curbs expenditure by eliminating the chain of intermediaries while offering the public a selection of previously inaccessible content. We have held over 100 meetings at the ROSKINO stand and signed over 40 contracts with companies from Canada, the US, the UK, France, India, Argentina and  obviously Russia.’ The total sales estimate of the companies presented at the ROSKINO - Russian Cinema  Worldwide stand exceeds $2 mln. New content has been sold to buyers from 45 countries around the world.  In order to promote the export potential of the national film industry Roskino and the Russian Export Center co-hosted a special industry conference within the Berlinale and the EFM framework. The Made in Russia program of February 9, 2019 featured three parts: a showcase of recent Russian projects, a panel discussion on the role of creative industries in internashional partnerships, and an evening reception.  The panel was moderated by ROSKINO CEO Katya Mtsitouridze and Christopher Vourlias, Variety’s market expert.  REC Director for External Communications Vera Podguzova, Planeta Inform Director General Dmitry Litvinov, tvzavr Head of Marketing and PR Olesya Teplova, director and producer Nadezhda Mikhalkova, producer Anna Kachko, and Wizart Executive Producer Vladimir Nikolaev contributed to the panel discussion and shared their views and experiences concerning international and intergovernmental partnerships in film industry, co-productions, their development and investment prospects. The leading national content exporters showcased their key titles: Acid by Studio Slon, The Cursed Seat by VVP Alliance, Snow Queen: Mirrorlands by Wizart Animation, The Conquest of Siberia by All Media, T-34 by Mars Media, The Dawn by Planeta Inform Group, Anna Karenina: Vronsky’s Story by Mosfilm Studios, My Toy Panda by Riki Group, The House Elf by Russian World Vision, Cry of Silence by Igmar Productions, and finally Moscow in Motionby Roskino. The event was attended by over 200 industry professionals from 17 countries. Power To The Pixel consultancy CEO Liz Rosenthal, Kino Lorber CEO and founder Richard Lorber, Head of German Films Simona Beaman, The Guardian’s film critic Peter Bradshaw, Head of the Russian trade delegation in Germany Viktor Ilskiy, former German Under Secretary of State for Europe, political relations and the UN Dr. Wolf-Ruthart Born, Daniil Bisslingher of the 3rd European Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, McKinsey & Company Partner Dr. Nico Raabe, and a number of other high-profile figures were among the special guests.  In total EFM-2019 welcomed over 9.000 visitors, including 1500 buyers, 480 stand holders, and many representatives of the global industry media.   More info: Natalia Adamova ROSKINO Press Relations +7 926 222 68
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